Ronald D Walker AuthorI am Ronald D. Walker author of thirty Digital books and twenty Physical books of different genres. The stories detail lives of different people and different individual circumstances. Click on a book to read a brief description or to buy the book.  Scroll down or select from the navigation prompts to see more. My blog is gear toward helping people write stories only they can write. I hope you enjoy your time here and that you can relax while reading one of the listed eBooks.  I am the editor and publisher of all the content on this website.

Ronald D Walker Author


I came into this world on January the first of 1944, in Stockton California. The Walker family moved to Lubbock Texas in 1948. Child of the Baby Boomers era. Wanna be Hippie, but could not afford the counterculture of drugs, psychedelic music, psychedelic art and social permissiveness. I especially could not afford the flower covered van. The culture was alluring and rebellion of any form was espoused by hot blooded Americans and many of us followed in our own fashion, leading to social invitations to see the world given by some law enforcement type person. Three months before my eighteenth birthday celebration I became a Veteran of the Vietnam era when I joined the United States Navy. I served as a Diesel Engineman aboard the USS Staten Island AGB-5, Icebreaker. After two years, I was assigned a transfer to the USS Apache ATF-67, a  Fleet Tug without my consent or a slight discussion. My time spent aboard those ships was never happy. I began writing fictional stories in 1990 and will continue until I have no more stories to publish. Most are human interest stories chronicling actions and adventures of lives from long in the past.

Ronald D. Walker is the publisher of all content on this website.

Ronald D. Walker