Being a fiction author

Ronald D. Walker

Being a fiction author gives us the magic of individualism in my estimation. If an individuals preference is constructing a work of fiction, the function of story teller is born with the first written word. You will join a fraternity of fiction authors. Prestige and fame will be an illusive matter for most. Perseverance and ingenuity will possibly bring some successes. A writer has many advantages because sources are not limited, finding what is be needed is an ongoing process. Record positive and negative reviews which may help you see the ways you can improve. Build on them.

Being a fiction author may give you the means of benefits with deeper pockets. Much capital may be squandered as the pitfalls are as numerous as the charlatans. Therefore the age old adage of Let the Buyer Beware. Few will give their help freely, as most are too hidden to be contacted. Allowing dubious reasoning to rule your actions is abject failure. You will suffer defeat before you begin. Make your goal to be a creation without hoping to become more than a writer of interesting and enjoyable words. You can build on that beginning with further work on the text, title and cover. Your circumstance probably was akin to mine, being forced to read what did not interest or entertain or enlighten. The experiences helped form our preferences. First consider that a story only ends with a desired conclusion for both author and reader. A series may be born from the continuation of that initial writing and generation after generation may be following. I have written stories that had both predecessors and sequels born without them being my intention. You are not limited because your imagination is not. Writing and publishing can be inexpensively accomplished, with methods to have the finished manuscript polished that do not include an expensive editor. Time given for the accomplished product to be processed is the expense. Patience in every aspect of journalism is required. Knowing that you do not know is the key. A new writer has so many advantages because sources are not limited, finding what may be needed is an ongoing process. Record every accomplishment and failure to be redone or avoided. Have the avenue you used recorded to be used again and again. Grow. Trouncing hubris opens doors for accomplishment and success. Ask. You cannot be scarred by rejection if you do not allow it to be done. It is true that authors will have one hundred people tell them they are excellent without the author being convinced and confident. One disparaging review or remark may bring doubt and loses to numerous to list. Even a bad review may cause people to buy your book to read and learn what the truth may be. Take heart and continue developing. Not everyone will attempt to be kind or helpful. Appreciate those who are and discount those who are not.
Marketing is another process that will probably tax your patience. Marketing is expensive unless you have help. Inexpensive help is available, with expensive help more prevalent. Properly sequencing the needed process is important. Beware in every way. Ask.
I included the book Neighbors With Benefits: and Sexy Assassin:
as an example of the need for SEO acceptance. I hope you enjoy your writing experience. I will do whatever I may be able, but I will be honest to myself and to you.