Reviews happy or horrible

Ronald D. Walker

Reviews happy or horrible. The good and the bad. Here are two examples done on the fiction ebook titled Lovers Lies and Lilies Part Two.
Reviews happy or horrible. This book may have triggers for those who have experienced abuse.
Although this is only the second book that I have read of Mr. Walker’s it is plain to see he is extremely gifted with the ability to write characters as seamlessly as one would take their next breath. In this 2nd book of Lovers Lies and Lilies Sarah is able to raise her head tall & stand proud as a business owner as well as a woman! Jon’s very loving & generous gift which allows her liberties she never would have experienced otherwise; though without him by her side. Sarah is now considered a respected business woman. However, her life becomes so busy that she barely has time to spend with an unexpected suitor & love interest Dale as she is forever going between Texas and New Orleans to rid her companies of theft. Will Sarah’s life come crashing down around her? Will the secret horrors of her own past abuse be her & her new love Dale’s undoing? Can Dale move past his feelings of hurt to be with Sarah? MUST READ.

Reviews happy or horrible.
Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2017
This book was interesting to say the least. The story takes place in 1944. An era where women our house wives and don’t really have any control. Sarah was married to an abusive husband and trying to make the best of life. She meet a man at a night club and told him to stay away as it would cause trouble for her. She meet this same man again when she was getting a prescription filled from the broken hand her husband gave her. This man name Jon helped her cone up with away to quietly kill her husband. After her husband passes away the two of them get together. The story then goes how Jon teaches Sarah about sex and how to please and be pleased. Along with it how to kill another abusive husband. The story then ends a cliffhanger. Jon has a Brian tumor and leaves Sarah everything.

Reviews happy or horrible. I was appalled by the review, until I read it a second time and found the blatant mistakes in spelling, word usage and the understanding that the review was posted on the wrong book in the series. Jon having a Brian tumor made my day. I have other observations I will not divulge. Please use the contact form to tell me how you were affected by both reviews.

Reviews happy or horrible, they are with us forever. How we choose to be affected by them is the question each of us who write fiction must individually decide because we will always have reviews happy or horrible. That is fact and not fiction.

I am a fiction author and helping fiction authors was the purpose I had when I started posting this blog. Helping others and helping myself to tell the world about the eBooks I have published. I experienced pure joy in writing and publishing thirty fictional accountings of the lives of fictional characters. Wilson Crammer was the first. Another fictional character I named Buzzard Shields saved Wilson from certain death in the region of Northwest Arizona. Mutual Transitions was published on Amazon and as It has six reviews which were given five stars each. My business is writing and publishing fiction accountings of peoples lives. I enjoy the writing part and feel fulfilled when each work is published.

The path to book reviews happy or horrible. Fiction writing follows a narrow path with many detours and enticing pitfalls.