Buying Or Writing eBooks

Ronald D. Walker

Buying or writing eBooks published on you should have confidence that is second in terms of popularity of eBook publishers. The problem I face in using is no Smashwords supported advertising is allowed by the owner for an individual buying or for an author writing and publishing an eBook. The Smashwords support people, when contacted, are friendly and eager to help with any issue that may be faced by the author or the reader by contacting Help may be given from a communication on a call to a published telephone number in the Phoenix Area Code as 408-395-3600. Numerous times I had occasion to use the help given on the publication page and calling when it was a case of being more involved, with satisfactory results every time.

When buying or writing an eBook each publication has a button to allow a reader access to read a percentage of pages given by the author. Updating and changes are simple to do. Published authors are appreciated in visible proof. Actions by support people are usually done in less than twenty-four hours. My published eBooks on number thirty, with several done in parts due to word count of the joined parts being greater than the desired eighty thousand words. Buzzard Shields South ( ) has a total of 123,060 words and 319 pages. Buzzard Shields America ( ) has a total of 112,040 words and 312 pages. Buzzard Shields North ( ) has a total of 92,120 words and 265 pages.

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Understanding the aspects of buying or writing eBooks to have an interesting story to read or to tell an interesting story. I enjoy writing fiction and I enjoy reading my written words of fiction. Never done with a outline or exact planning, just sit down with the computer and begin, expand the story as I imagine it should progress and unfold, make it consistently uniform and come to a satisfying ending. I loath writing The End as it may not be The End in the future. Creative fiction writing is our freedom of expression and none of us know where it will take us, in writing, publishing and living. If the journey has yet to be started, sit at the device you will use and begin. The first draft should be an enjoyable and relaxed exercise. Buying or writing eBooks the work begins when you are satisfied that you are able to make a beginning and an ending. Rewrite, read and make changes no less than six to ten times with specific goals. As examples: punctuation, check spelling as another exercise, word usage might be next, chapter length, questions about personal expressions of the characters, unusual descriptions and clarifying descriptions. Rework your fiction manuscript without making it unexciting or difficult to read and understand. Express in the best manner to have your readers never misunderstand. Have a cover that speaks to your audience as BUY me and READ me. That may be an impossible tasked. We will always try.

Buying or writing eBooks suggests that you ask me at about discounts to a select few for buying or about interesting and inexpensive practices and methods to self edit your manuscript. Less editing equals less payment for editing being done. Consider all aspects and understand there is no one hundred percent in literature endeavors. Enjoy your writing experience. Having your finished work done and selling what you produced has a key word to be considered….. WORK !