Consider what you enjoy

Ronald D. Walker

Consider what you enjoy and fashion your writing in the same style, with your personal touch and interests. Consider how you present the idea of the story you are telling. Show your reader with words that reveal every detail. Let the dialogue tell the story when it is possible. Let the passions of the characters tell the story. Let the thoughts of the characters tell the story. Take your presence out of the story when you can. Give your reader freedom to interpret the aspects of the words. Lead the reader to understand the feelings, motivations and desires of the characters.

Consider what you enjoy and allow the principle of What Comes Next to help build the story and the characters. Building your brand is not just a media project. Your writing will build your brand with your readers. The process of development of the stories will help you understand how to present the stories, better and better as you continue writing. No one can tell you how to write because writing is done individually. The writing of your stories is uniquely understood by you alone. Sharing them by writing and presenting them to your readers in your unique style allows you to understand how your readers interpret the written words and the intent of them. Words can be magical or tragic or confusing. The presentation of words can take your story to the heights you aspire to have or drop the reader into despair. Build your brand with your readers.

Consider what you enjoy and think about the image your cover will present to your readers. It should relay an subtle aesthetic message.
The descriptive blurb is your selling voice.

Consider what you enjoy and look at Joshua’s Way to consider enjoying reading the second part of the Joshua Crammer series of eBooks :

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Investigate how you may be able to structure a sales program using the tutelage and advice of books.
Tell me about your experiences, as it may help me, too. Every advantage will be a blessing for all of us. Never question your ability. Build your ability by continuing with a vengeance. Strive for excellence and enjoy your journey.