Decorated For Duty

Ronald D. Walker

Civil War and life after with hardships and benefits to manage, Carlton Brisbane forges a legacy out of the chaos of three years on the battlefields and laboring in the field hospitals. Searching for a life away from battlefields and hospitals leads him to New Mexico Territory and California, then onto Oregon. A battlefield Commission, tactics which some officers considered barbaric and compassion that was short lived for some medical providers, molded Carlton to be the most feared and hated Union solder during the war. Giving his wisdom of battle tactics to other soldiers is both granted and denied by different officers he served with. Winners of the battles were proclaimed by the smaller body count needing burial. Thousands died at each encounter. Carlton’s number of wounds exceeded the amount allowed by the Union Army, leading to his discharge and his travels. His fame follows him and the band of men travelling with him and his awards are of such worth to preclude hiding and changing his identity. Will circumstances help in his search for anonymity or lead his pursuers to find him. Will Oregon be a distance too great for the revenge seekers? Will time give him the freedom he has sought so long?