Do you have confidence

Ronald D. Walker

Do you have confidence in your work? Why do you think you need to write as the known authors did? Do you believe your writing needs to be molded by education or critiqued by another person to make it more valid. Write as you are able and learn to improve as you feel you need.

Do you have confidence in your work? Write a story you want to read and rewrite it until it is satisfying to the point of reaching your final approval. Start with some part of the story and embellish each part or subsequent chapter. Find the means to move out of your comfort zone. Zone out. Leave the state of being that some call being normal. Normal has no existence for an author when creating. Let your imagination flow and the words will follow. Your words.

Do you have confidence in your ability? Not a single soul can teach you how to write what you want to publish. My advice is to read from Amazon or Smashwords. Just click on the book cover on Amazon and it will take you to the position where you can read a percentage of the story. gives you the ability to read a percentage online. Both require a bit of navigation, but nothing difficult. Notice how the sentences are worded and look at where and how the sentences can be reworded to clarify and improve your readers understanding of what has been written. Do the same to your own writing.

Do you have confidence that you can write fiction. I like the adage of it not being important to write so you can be understood, but to write so you cannot be misunderstood. Difficulty level is way, way high, but it is how you will learn to write. The process continues and continues. The first sentence is extremely important. Grab the readers attention. Bring the readers curiosity level to a new high. Make your story known, even if only vaguely done with the beginning and take the reader along with your words.

Do you have confidence in your work? Mark Twain wrote: You don’t know about me, without you have read a book by the name of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; but that ain’t no matter. When he started The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Unusual may be a mild word for his flamboyance for the time period it was written.

Do you have confidence required to find ways to make your fiction writing stand out and tell reader why they will enjoy reading your work? is Lovers Lies and Lilies. The first sentence is: “Calvin isn’t breathing,” Sarah cried into the telephone. “I think I may have killed him. I―” “First, if he is dead, I am not sorry. Second, I will not miss his abusive, worthless ass. Third, you did not cause his death. You did not have control of the situation. You were not responsible. So, get a grip on reality and be calm. It is not your fault. I’m going to call for help and then come over. If anyone comes to your house, except medical help, keep them outside until I get there to take care of everything. It will not be very long. I will locate Jack and tell him what has happened and where I’m going to be. Settle down, stay calm, and I will see you in a few minutes.” Carol hung up before Sarah could respond.

Calvin, Sarah, Jack and Carol are mentioned. Who are they? Did Sarah perform an act that would cause her to believe she had a part in Calvin dying? Will the reader have the desire to continue reading?

When I wrote Lovers Lies and Lies, I wanted to intensify the readers interest with a bit of mystery. Some call it a hook. Find your hook to begin your story, even if you deliver the hook using subtlety. Tantalize and intensify your readers interest.’ came the order from Major Neilsen.

Carlton held his position, “Wait. Not everyone goes in the first wave. Hold your position to the count of ten and do as we were ordered. Run in a bent position and flop on the ground when you are close enough to engage. Be a small target and rain shots down on the confederate line. If you raise your rifle into the air to reload, you will tell the rebs where your position is.

This beginning immediately tells the reader the story is about the lives of men during the civil war. Use your imagination to bring reader interest to your work and enjoy doing the work.