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Everything needed will come

Ronald D. Walker

Everything needed will come when you concentrate your efforts to write fiction. When a person asked about what I’ve written, I explained that I published a large percentage of what I wrote earlier and I was excited about the current book I was presently working on. She asked what my advice was to help her with writing her first book. My response was that she find a comfortable place to prepare to write and type the first thought she had for a story she could be proud of writing. Her excited response was that she had started outlines for eight possible stories, but she was stymied by the weight of the task which she considered to be essential.

Everything needed will come with having planning or not having planning. It has been my method to just begin writing and use my imagination to expand the original thought. Plotting what should come next and what follows is too regimented, too stringent. I write as if I am reading the story or living the story in my imagination.

Everything needed will come with use of your determination and free use of your imagination.
Creative writing, as I was instructed during my college experience, is an overwhelming method of constructing a story. Outlining, analyzing, diagramming, listing chapters, fleshing out the story are intellectual approaches that present work I do not feel to be necessary. I find a beginning and continue. My method is just that simple. It has never been a protracted project, as I simply tell a story I want to read and I enjoy reading the finished manuscript and base the editing and corrections on that feeling of enjoyment.

Everything needed will come to help you make the text correct and possibly better, but keep it enjoyable for your own edification. The idea is yours. The motivation is yours. The time is yours. Give yourself permission to shine and write as though you will be the only person who will read the finished manuscript. For me it is just that simple. When I begin editing and doing corrections I am always surprised about how easy writing the text was because corrections and editing is difficult without proper instructions. No, it is never done quickly. The process of polishing and having a finished manuscript requires as much time as writing the text.

I write and examine and correct as a self imposed labor, enjoying the progress of the efforts. My stories are folded into a single theme. Many have been judged to be several stories that are related. There are people who do not favor that content and they have suggested that I change. Not going to happen. Pig headed I may be, but I will attempt to have my work published as I enjoy it to be. I am fully convinced that given the opportunity everything needed will come.

Everything needed will come, if a higher power allows me time to finish my goal of writing thirty books. I will take the needed time to go back and work on the stories I began this literary journey with. I will slow the progress and emphasize the character traits of each fictional individual. Time goes by and time can mean so much. Each word you never write will never be enjoyed by another person and more importantly, never by you.

Everything needed will come if you begin with an attitude of complete abandonment. It is your wonderment coupled with your imagined situations that structure your work . Enjoy what you accomplish and eventually allow read from every walk of life enjoy what you accomplish.

Mutual Transition was my original work of fiction which I originally published on with major degree of difficulty : the second part: A single publication was done on Smashwords with less stress and labor than I previously endured. Goodreads :