Exercise patience and forbearance

Ronald D. Walker

As an author the most important skills you need to practice and develop is to exercise patience and forbearance. Forbearance is defined as the act of patient self-control; restraint and tolerance. Key words are: tolerance, toleration, patience, resignation, endurance, fortitude, stoicism, long-suffering, leniency lenity, clemency, indulgence, restraint, self-restraint, self-control, moderation, temperance, mildness. In law, the action of refraining from exercising a legal right. In my thinking it is exercising the necessary resistance of chocking the life out of a person who richly deserves it being done. That can be seen as a bit stringent. You will probably be brought to that point sometime in your writing career, when someone posts a review that clearly demonstrates the fact that the person did not read the book you published. This is an actual review posted on Lovers Lies and Lilies Part One. It required my tolerance to exercise patience and forbearance https://www.smashwords.com/books/reviews/424666/all/newest/30
(No rating stars were designated)
The book started off with a violent/abusive storyline until the situation changes and she meets someone else where the story then changes to a sexual and erotic relationship.
For me this book was very well written but it was not my cup of tea, both the violent/abusive marriage at the beginning and also the relationship at the end.

(reviewed the day of purchase)
I doubt that the person read Lovers Lies and Lilies Part Two. Exercise patience and forbearance. I am totally in awe by the persons pretended ability to make the assessment that was recorded. I wondered if the ‘violent/abusive storyline’ was a desire of the reviewer to continue reading in that vein and was the person dismayed by the ‘sexual and erotic relationship’. The speed employed to give the review rankled, especially when the purchase was done less than an hour before the review was posted. The speed reading class I had in college did not produce that efficiency for anyone who took the class or indeed even the instructing professor. Forbearance? Patience? You will need a double dose at least.

I exercise patience and forbearance, but focus on patience in writing, as I tend to hurry. That is not a desirable trait to develop, as the work cannot be hurried in any phase of the fiction writing processes. Writing with determination, imagination and patience are key parts of the process and each is extremely important. You must resist the urge to see the words THE END, as you will certainly desire to have the finished product. That proclivity will lead to a disaster. Develop a writing style and exercise patience. Patience in a stressful situation will be as you develop your process. Exercise patience and forbearance and never react about something someone does until you have a week to contemplate the ramifications of your actions. Doing nothing is probably the best advice anyone can give you. The act of restraint is all on you. Enjoy your writing experience….every day, in every way. Develop and grow and enjoy writing fiction.

Exercise patience and forbearance was utilized during the writing of my fictional character Buzzard Shields begins with Buzzard Shields South with a setting for the fictional beginning of his teenage years and his mental and physical development after his enlistment in the Army Corps of Engineers working to construct barracks in Texas and leading survey crew in Arizona. Horses were required to accomplish the work in Arizona.