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Steps in fiction writing

Ronald D. Walker

Steps in fiction writing. Designate a place to write. Gather everything you will need to write…each day. Make that a regimen and let it become a solid habit.
Commit to a length of time, word count or pages to be accomplished each day that you plan to write. Attempt to be consistent. Attempt to reach your goals.
Have an attitude of excitement about the time you will invest and how the experience will be done. Love your words and let them flow. Publish your work as soon as possible on Ask how it will help keep your work safe from theft. It is another of the many steps in writing fiction.

Steps in fiction writing. Decide how you desire to write. If you decide to only write without change or correction, write in that manner and let that be the single process you will use until you finish. Do not change your style of writing until you have a complete understanding of why it may best serve your needs.
If you choose to write, choose to correct spelling, edit, change sentence structure or what you feel you need to do to continue in that manner through your daily experience, if it is your goal. Many authors only write and correct after the work of the text is completed.

Steps in fiction writing. Decide what you want to accomplish before you begin or simply get comfortable and begin.
If you want to write a synopsis or lay out chapters or diagram or anything more you feel you need, do the complete process you choose first. As you write, if you use an outline, change the outline instead of changing the story. Stay the course without deviating from the original plan.
Perhaps you should jot down your thoughts during your writing process. You may find the roots of another story.

Steps in fiction writing. Decide what platform you will use to write on and set up the formatting.
I have an easy solution if you use Micro-soft Word. Message me @ It will help you start. That is the most important part of your writing process. START. DO. BEGIN. CREATE AN ACTION. TYPE THE FIRST SENTENCE. Then persevere to reach your established goals.

Steps in fiction writing. Sentences. Paragraphs. Chapters. Determine how you want those three to be. Refrain from writing He said or She said. Describe the attitude of the speaker or action or the reason for the dialogue. Readers love dialogue and the more dialogue the book contains the simpler your chore will be to create a script when the opportunity arises. Set a solid time for you to have a finished manuscript, either completed or ready to be edited.

Steps in fiction writing. What I have listed is the start. The nuances of writing are too many to be written here. Stephen King, John Grisham, George Martin, J K Rowling, James Paterson, Michael Wolff or E.L. James, also known as Erika Leonard, did not have a crystal ball that directed them and professed what their work would contribute to society or the amount of compensation that would come to each of them in the future. You cannot know until you have accomplished what you need to do, but the first step toward success is typing the first sentence. Make it a goody, as I did in writing Hurricane Bay: and Orange County: Lovers Lies and Lilies Part One: Kinsman Tribe Part One