How my books originated

Ronald D. Walker

How my books originated is a bit of a mystery. Mutual Transitions was my first attempt. It began with a scene in an dark alley and seemed to develop slowly through the years as I attempted to write.
The old man lay on the ground, blood oozing from the gash over his left eye.
His assailant stood poised to strike again, when Craig stopped at the corner of the alley.
“Hey! What’s going on here?”
He entered the alley, then stopped when a third man stepped out of the shadows.
“This ain’t none of your business.”
“I just made it my business! Chief Baldwin and the Mayor are just up the street. Should I call them, or should I take a more personal interest? That would be more fun for me. Only a coward would harm an older man. The way I see it, you’re both lowlife cowards. Do you want to play with me?”

Missing and presumed to be deceased, Wilson Crammer was thrown into an alley in Denver and attacked by paid assassins. Saved by Craig Greyson and identified by fingerprint analysis, Wilson becomes determined to return to his previous life. His memories begin in the desert of Arizona two years in his past. The richest man in America does not know who he is, who his family members are and most important who his enemies may be. Who can he trust?

I spent a number of years driving a truck on interstate highways and highways of every state and into provinces in Canada and Nova Scotia. I wrote when I had free hours during those trips and during hours which were not free by rules of the Department of Transportation. My second endeavor is titled Lovers Lies and Lilies Part One : followed by Lovers Lies and Lilies Part Two : and Lovers Lies and Lilies Emilee’s Story : I took time to work on the farm before I published Summer Help Wanted : followed by Jon Bartleaux : . The list shows how my books originated in order of publication.

How my books originated. The following is an excerpt from Lovers Lies and Lilies Part One : “Calvin isn’t breathing,” Sarah cried into the telephone. “I think I may have killed him. I―”
“First, if he is dead, I am not sorry. Second, I will not miss his abusive, worthless ass. Third, you did not cause his death. You did not have control of the situation. You were not responsible. So, get a grip on reality and be calm. It is not your fault. I’m going to call for help and then come over. If anyone comes to your house, except medical help, keep them outside until I get there to take care of everything. It will not be very long. I will locate Jack and tell him what has happened and where I’m going to be. Settle down, stay calm, and I will see you in a few minutes.”
Carol hung up before Sarah could respond.
Sarah slowly turned to replace the telephone, moaning when her injured hand bumped the counter. She sat down at the kitchen table and fiddled nervously with the edge of the tablecloth while thinking about the previous evening.

Lovers Lies and Lilies Part One borders on being an erotic novel, almost romance, with a heaping helping of hidden criminal activities and intrigue. Oh, what a tangled web we weave.
I did not consider genre when I wrote the books, because I told a story by building from a single idea.
My hope is that all of my works are entertaining.

How my books originated in chronological publishing order continued with the life of Joshua Crammer which I divided into three eBooks Joshua : Joshua’s Way : and Jewella Crossing : The adventures and exploits of Cullen Allen came as : Kinsman Tribe Part One : and Kinsman Tribe Part Two The elder Crammer son Sherman : The younger Crammer son Heath : During the first retired year I published Neighbor’s With Benefits : : Sexy Assassin : Hurricane Bay : and Orange County : Rayford Coleman Civil War Veteran : Rayford Coleman Texas Cattleman :