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How you will sacrifice

Ronald D. Walker

How you will sacrifice to have the title of author. From the first sentence you will be bombarded with negatives and doubts of yourself, your abilities, personal comparisons with other writers, questions regarding experience, knowledge, hand eye coordination, correctness of linguistics, motive, hubris, vocabulary or lack of vocabulary and the endless possibilities of so much more known, imagined and unknown.

Put all of that to rest with the thought of what you desired when you started and that you want to finish the rough manuscript to study it, correct it and improve it. Along the journey your story may change direction or change completely from how it began. The question will remain as to the degree of how you will sacrifice and what you will sacrifice. Time will certainly be your greatest victim. Time you regularly spent doing an activity for entertainment or personal edification, such as hours without end reading. When the writing bug bites, your previous life will be an age lost as a sacrifice.

How you will sacrifice will determine what you will accomplish what you previously consider to be personally impossible.
History is replete with accounts of people who did what they considered to be impossible before they accomplished what was considered to be impossible. Nobody is perfect at birth. Nothing was ever written perfectly. Hemingway noted that every first draft was defecation. (not his actual word). That statement may not always be true. It might be only ninety-nine percent true according to length of composition and skills of the writer. First attempts are renowned for length of time required to be written and reworking to be completed. Years in some cases. Growth will come if it is nourished.

Self evaluation and reflection may be your redemption. You are the key to how you will sacrifice. Only you can answer the doubts and questions. How the process is done is also yours to do and a biblical quote has always been a thought I consider. Do not give what is sacred to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and rend you. That is definitely hard core, but may be appropriate. How valuable is your work, in your estimation? The only defining answer is in your judgement.

You may discuss your doubts and fears with someone you believe you can trust. That person may not understand or even care enough to listen and attempt to help. Reasoning may lead that person to attempt to protect you. Never believe you will have encouragement from someone who has not attempted the same task you are attempting. People may take the attitude of questioning why you believe you can be as accomplished as some famous author. You can’t and you have no need to. Remember why you started. To be unique is not a fault. Stay the course and be not afraid. Who are you writing for? How you will sacrifice may be determined by how many obstacles you may remove from your life.

How you will sacrifice was a question I faced when I had the proposal of writing fiction of a more personal nature in the form of soft erotic situations. I determined to concoct a story of domestic abuse, accidental death, adult sexual education, true friendship and personal sacrifice. Lovers Lies and Lilies was the result, done in three parts, with the same lead character in three different roles. Part One https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/424666 Part Two https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/692848 Emilee’s Story https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/721405 The three part story connects as Sarah Barnes enhances her existence and the lives of others she values with caring and friendship.