Hurricane Bay

Ronald D. Walker

When Clay Myerson finds a woman stranded on the highway he finds purpose in his life he has never know. His best friends brother is killed and he is asked to take over the investigation to find the man involved. His business find greater success with the aid of Pam Durbin and her bevy of single friends, With only a few vague clues to work with Clay uses all his experience in law enforcement in his attempt to solve the mystery of Benny Pratt’s death. As he closes in on the suspect attempts to turn him away turn deadly. Can he solve the case or will his adversary find a way to stop him?

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Ginny Dutt
Its a murder mystery. Clay (protagonist) runs his own architectural design company from his home. He lives at Hurricane Bay near a beach with his friend Butch (Shepard dog). One night he helped a stranded woman
Pam on his way back home from city, who later helped him with his work using her own drafting knowledge and employing her friends for Clay.
When Judge Pratt’s brother Benny Pratt is murdered, he asked his friend, Clay, to help find out who murdered his brother. There the quest to find the murderer begins and Clay met difficulties and risk his life to solve this case.
The plot of this novel is very interesting and language is very simple. Easy read. Although I feel narrative lacks clarity as at some points the shift from one scene to another is not clear. I loved all the parts and conversations concerning Butch and every minute detail the writer gave about Butch is very touching, He viewed Butch more as a human being. Pam and her friends also get their due attention. Ending is quite surprising and unpredictable .
Rest read the novel to find out who murdered Benny Pratt.
Ginny Dutt

Dot Ponder

Murder mystery

Clay runs his own architectural design company from his home. He stays so busy that he doesn’t have time to persue a relationship. Little did Clay know that by picking up a stranded motorist his entire world would change.
Pam is a member of the elite and sits on the city council. She had just confronted her stalker and hopefully he has come to terms that there was no relationship between them. He is a violent man.
When Judge Pratt’s brother is murdered, he asked his friend, Clay, to help find out who murdered his brother. When Clay notices that the crime scene has been contaminated by the police officers, he brings it to the Judge Pratt’s attention. Judge Pratt immediately swears in Clay to be the new Chief of Police. Once Clay assumes his new role, he cleans up the police department of several undesirables. Clay then starts to enforce the laws and hires people that he can trust.
Hurricane Bay is a well written story and you feel a connection with all the characters, especially Butch. I would recommend this book.

Rita Durrett
Romance, a murder mystery, an unorthodox lifestyle, and a king-of-the-house pooch provides an entertaining read in Hurricane Bay. It is a short, straight forward read, with just enough mystery to keep the reader guessing.

Diana Perry
Clay Myerson, confident, self made man thought he was enjoying his single lifestyle… owning his own drafting business, a handsome, rowdy dog named Butch & living a pretty serene life on a quiet & peaceful piece of land near the water, in his refurbished home out on the bay… Until Pam Durbin… the well-to-do socialite finds herself with a little car trouble, in the middle of the road, late one evening. Gentleman that Clay is pulls over to offer assistance. Pam turns Clay’s world upside down & inside out all the while feeling quite topsy turvy herself. What will become of this between the two? Anything? Clay’s best friend’s brother is found dead in his house, however the local sheriff has made a mess things & Clay’s former background in law enforcement is asked to take over the case to find the perp or perps involved & bring them to justice. What will become of the investigation? Will Clay be able to get to the bottom of his friends death? Grab your copy today to read for yourself how this remarkably intriguing mystery turns out! I voluntarily read this ARC & this is my honest review