I do not understand

Ronald D. Walker

I do not understand how anyone can say they do not enjoy writing fiction. For me it is akin to building a work of art, not matter what the scale may be. I do have another suggestion about your writing. If you never do more, write about your life. You may think it was not remarkable or some other reason to never sit down and begin. I believe you can be assured that someone will want to read what you write. You might be surprised when more people do and it becomes popular. The most popular eBook I published Lovers Lies and Lilies Part One is has sixty-six reviews on Amazon.com

I do not understand and I suppose neither do other fiction authors about how the writing experience could happen and keep in mind that if you always do what you are told is right, you will miss most of what is the best parts of living. Quiet rebellion might be your greatest revenge.
As you write your autobiography look for ideas born from your experiences. Will you be able to construct a finished fictional book using your reality in combination with using your imagination? Write about your heroes. Were some of your relatives note worthy. Will you be able to construct a story from what you know of them in fictional form?

I do not understand how all the ideas I used to create works of fiction evolved and developed. All you need is an idea to build from without making it complicated. Imagine the lives your parents people had. Take a character from history and build a story from what you can gather about that person. Be a different person than what you have been expected to be. Be bold and different. Let your writing be bold and different. Give your characters life and grow them through imagining their experiences. Leave no stone unturned or minute detail omitted.

I do not understand how I am able to write fiction and I marvel as I continually use the developmental aspect to give all I physically and mentally receive without noticeable effort. Entertain yourself during the process of your writing, but research what the probabilities might have been. Have no limits of what is not known, such as time frame, world events, locations, probabilities or possibilities. It will be fiction. Bask in the rays. Make it yours and make it what you want it to be when you write The End. You might really stir the pot and put a question mark behind The End? Be brave and bold. Begin!

I do not understand all there is to know about speaking last night to a delightful woman who has the website http://sarahtravels.eu. We talked about possibly visiting Ireland which is at the top of my list of things to do. She focused on my eBook titled Neighbors With Benefits https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/790784 as her choice of fiction to read. We talked about the beauty to be seen in evening sky. My favorites are the Spiral Galaxy and Andromeda. The posted picture for this page is the Spiral Galaxy because the color is absolutely awesome.