Jewella Crossing

Ronald D. Walker

Joshua Crammer was forced to move his family from Indian Territory to land he owned through Spanish land grants in Mexico, before the Texas revolution. Joshua, his wife, two young sons and forty-six slaves face disreputable men and harsh traveling conditions. The life in Mexico becomes productive with trade goods produced by the Crammer clan and sold or traded bi-monthly for many years. Joshua’s inventions play a major role in the battle of San Jacinto, for Texas independence. His sons; Sherman and Heath Crammer took command of a ship bound for ports in America, Cuba, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, South America, Hawaii and Portsmith, California. Gold is discovered in California and the life of the brothers is forever changed. Outlaws and adventure happen at every turn. A quick mind and fast gun solve many questions and more than a few problems.


Carl Owen1988
Jewella Crossing continues in the same manner as Josua’s Way with the characters in Joshua’s Way, also new people and additions to the story of the Crammer family, with the ease of those bygone times, also the dangers and joys. I am going to start reading Mutual Transitions and await the next novel in this saga of the Crammer family.
Darryn Stephens
Jewella Crossing follows Joshua’s Way in the saga of the Crammer family. Such insight by Ronald in the way people lived and flourished in those days even with so little. To build as the pioneers did is remarkable. To write about it with such precision is also remarkable. Cannot wait for Joshua to be made available. Way to go Ronald. Keep them coming.
Michelle Brooks
This is a great reading experience. Ronald took me into the lives of the people with brilliant descriptions done to let me easily understand the actions of the circumstances. I will continue reading Ronalds work as it becomes available. Good work Ronald. Loved this book with its great story and characters.
Tandy Graves
Loved the time settings for the book and the manner of living during those past times. The evolving of quality of life and technical advancements. Living is an ongoing process and changes happen so subtly we do not recognize them as life changing. The interactions of the brothers and their growth had me reflecting on my previous life. I enjoyed the time I spent reading and that is a sign to me of worthiness for my purchase. I purchased all of Ronald’s books and I look forward to reading Joshua…soon.