Ronald D. Walker

Captured by pirates and forced to labor aboard a filthy and unorganized ship, Joshua Crammer became a needed addition to the crew as a navigator. Through guile he extricates himself from the pirates to take three Spanish ships to their rightful owners, who put him in charge of a masterfully well built and heavily armed ship. Its purpose is to eliminate supplies bound for Napoleons troops. Defeat of Napoleon and the coronation of the rightful king will bring Spain stability. Treachery by the royal court of Spain threatens Joshua and the crew of his ship. Can a single ship survive against a multitude of ships and political forces set against all who are viewed as enemies of the crown of Spain, which Joseph Bonaparte hold with the threat of his brother. Joshua can only succeed if he uses tactics considered to be not chivalrous and cruel. He must overcome more than just Pirates in his quest to return to his home in America.

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Romaine Heart

Joshua sends you back in time to the days of Napoleon, Bonaparte, King Ferdinand and pirates.
Joshua’s journey began when he was captured by pirates. With his intelligence and experience of ships he was able to escape and later acquire his own fleet of ships with the help of a few supporters.
Joshua is a different type of genre by Ronald Walker.
I enjoyed reading this part of history.

Diana Perry 
This is my 1st Pirate read, but due to Mr. Walker’s writing ability it won’t be my last. He was able to bring the characters to life for me and they carried me deep into the story right beside them living their harrowing experiences while overtaking ships to save their own and bring in better loot and treasures. Definitely recommend this book to the most AVID OF PIRATE & ADVENTURE FANS! TRUE MUST READ


Story flow
I add this book to the list of books I have read which I did not want to end. I now will start my next journey with the second book in this series. It is always nice to be able to fill my quiet times with a good book.