Joshua’s Way

Ronald D. Walker

Joshua returns three Spanish ships to their rightful owners, who put him in charge of a well built and masterfully armed ship. Its purpose is to eliminate supplies bound for Napoleons troops. Defeat of Napoleon and the coronation of the rightful king brings Spain stability. Rewards in the form of treasure gained from battles gives Joshua and the men in his command prominent lives in America. Joshua moves continually to avoid being discovered and accused as a traitor to Spain. Two sons are born to Joshua and the saga continues in Mexico and Texas


Michelle Brooks 

I am amazed at the way Ronald led me to understand the processes of being on a ship in the Mediterranean in the early 1800’s and explained life on a ship without it being just a boring narrative. I easily imagined those men being active in their jobs and living on the ships. True to life hardships are not easily understood or quickly forgotten. I rarely enjoy reading about the harshness of life in those times, but thoroughly enjoyed Ronald’s depicting of them. Great reading experience and I am anticipating reading his other books.


The book took me back into the tangled web of Spanish deceit by Napoleon and the political trauma and suffering of the Spanish people. Then into the frontier days of early America. It is amazing how the people survived back then, with almost nothing and money buying so little because almost nothing was available for the common man. Pulling myself away from those thoughts I relived Joshua’s capture and finally freedom. Great book by a great writer.


Tremendous book. Ronald took me to the ships and the scenes throughout the story and allowed me to stand on the deck and be in the action as it happened and the interactions of the characters. A relaxing beneficial reading experience. I started reading Jewella Crossing which follows in the series. Loving it also.


Joshua’s Way is a part of a series as I learned by the stories in Jewella Crossing and Joshua’s Way coming together at the ending of Joshua’s Way. Ronald’s next book titled Joshua will be the commencement novel of the series. The actions of sea battles and Joshua’s life in America kept my interest piqued. I am ready to read Joshua. Thank you Ronald for a great experience.

Sean Parker

There are many good writers who are underrated, and there are many good writers who are overrated. Ronald D. Walker belongs in the group that is underrated. I’m astounded that anyone who read this book could give it anything but 5 stars… This is most definitely NOT my usual type of reading material (I typically read thrillers, murder mysteries, and the occasional sci-fi); however, after having read I started reading in afternoon when I got home and barely put it down. Ended up finishing that night! The story just draws you in. Ending was a little predictable, but while reading I felt like I really was in that time. This is definitely a book I will read over and over. One of the best books of the year!!!!! 5 out of 5 stars! LOVED IT!