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Listening to other people

Ronald D. Walker

Listening to other people. An old adage states that people can be shiny bright and uplifting, with continued encouragement or they can be like a weight around your neck, pulling you down. Kick those people to the curb. You should not ignore the people who are actually attempting to help, but do consider why someone will tell you that you will make a fool of yourself if you try to do something they have never done. How will you know until you try and after the experience has culminated, polish the manuscript and make it better. When you feel you have done all you can, give the manuscript to someone who has an interest in helping and tell them to be as harsh in their criticism as honesty will let them. That criticism will help shape the correctness of the manuscript. Join groups on facebook to have more readers tell what they liked or disliked about reading and to have them show where punctuation is needed and spelling corrected. Word usage can be mind blowing because one letter written incorrectly can influence a readers interest and editing is not fool proof. Small errors will be accepted by caring people. I once read a book by my favorite author that had a page missing. Page 72 and 73 were probably an intricate part of the story. I continued reading and finished the story. I will forever wonder what was missing and considered how much I enjoyed reading the parts that I was able to read. I imagined what might have been if pages 72 and 73 were in fact there to be read. Corrections of an eBook are simple. Change what needs to be changed, correct what needs to be corrected and resubmit. Even a book cover can be changed unless your readers already made multiple purchases. Remember the old saying about people. The people who care will stay with you and tell you what they believe you need to hear and not what you want them to say. The truth never harms, it enlightens.