Lovers Lies and Lilies – Emlee’s Story

Ronald D. Walker

Emilee Carver was 29 years old in 1946 and women were thought to be the weaker sex, with talents limited to being a wife, mother and housekeeper. Divorce was unheard of—a woman’s place was in the home, obeying her spouse and raising the children. After a chance meeting with Sarah Barnes gave Emilee a means to find relief from her abusive, perverted husband, she is left alone. Caring for her children, Emilee finds freedom, with help from Sarah.

Romaine Heart

Great series
Emilee is in an abusive relationship. Not only does her husband beat her and their five children, he sexually abuses the oldest daughter. Concerned for her children’s safety, she turns to Sarah for help.
When Emilee’s husband dies, Barry takes a special interest in Emilee and her children. He shows them how it feels to be loved and taken care of.
Sarah continues expanding the Bartleaux Corporation and other investments.
Lovers Lies and Lillies:Emilee’s Story is about a woman who finds the courage to leave a family violence situation and finding a second chance of love. This story will tug at your heartstrings. Love this entire series.

M. Sneyd
Emilee needs rescuing. Can she be saved.
Continuing Sarah’s story. In this she meets Emilee, a woman with five children whose husband abuses her and the children. Separating him from them, she helps Emilee cope with her new freedom and making the changes to improve her children’s lives. She meets a man who she is attracted to and who seems to share her interest. The story follows her struggles and triumphs to create a new life for her and her children.
A very entertaining read. I enjoyed greatly.

Elizabeth Robbins
You get very attached to the characters in the book
Love the series I couldn’t put the book down I read it straight through

Vera Craft
A fitting end to a great series of three books
Another great story dealing with a woman trying to escape from the horrors of spousal abuse. It would help to have read the first two books in the series, but this book can definitely stand on its own. I continued to love the caring, compassionate nature of Sarah and was glad she had found another love interest. And, of course, I love the HEA!

Diana Perry 
Amazing end to a wonderful trilogy
OMG Such an AMAZING ending to this trilogy!! Held my attention from the beginning. Characters were well written & the story line kept me on the edge of my seat straight to the last page. Highly recommend! The Complete Series of Lovers Lies and Lilies DESERVES WELL ABOVE FIVE STARS

Millie Relyea
Great reading. I really enjoy reading Ronalds books. A must read 5 star

Tara Peters
Part three in the series. Good book, but could have been better, in my opinion.
I liked the third installment, but I didn’t love it. While I enjoyed catching up with Sarah and the rest of her family, I felt like the story had more about them and the expansion of the company than it did Emilee. I did enjoy getting to know Emilee and her family, in the small amount that there was and I am glad that Sarah is done with the not so legal parts of her life. Overall, it was an enjoyable read, but focused on the business and Sarah too much, simply because Sarah already had two books and I believe that little snippets of Sarah and her life would have sufficed. I would like to read more about the whole group and more from Mr. Walker.