Lovers Lies and Lilies Part Two

Ronald D. Walker

In 1945, Sarah Barnes no longer lives the meager existence of a battered housewife. She has outgrown the constraints of society’s expectations for women and experienced love and grief like none she ever imagined were possible.

A generous gift from Jon Bartleaux elevated her to the prominence of respected business-woman. Sarah’s life becomes so full and busy that she barely has time to spend with an unexpected suitor while jet-setting between Texas and New Orleans to rid her companies of theft and management executives’ tyrannical treatment of Bartleaux employees. Dale and Twyla’s situation is coming to a desired resolution, when Sarah learns of another friend suffering from violence in her marriage. As love blooms, the dangers in Sarah’s life grow. She will learn who her close friends and trusted employees are as she adjusts to her new life and new love.

Will her carefully devised plans come crashing down? Will Sarah’s secret change the lives of another victimized woman, or will Dale’s demise be her undoing?




This book may have triggers for those who have experienced abuse.
Although this is only the second book that I have read of Mr. Walker’s it is plain to see he is extremely gifted with the ability to write characters as seamlessly as one would take their next breath. In this 2nd book of Lovers Lies and Lilies Sarah is able to raise her head tall & stand proud as a business owner as well as a woman! Jon’s very loving & generous gift which allows her liberties she never would have experienced otherwise; though without him by her side. Sarah is now considered a respected business woman. However, her life becomes so busy that she barely has time to spend with an unexpected suitor & love interest Dale as she is forever going between Texas and New Orleans to rid her companies of theft. Will Sarah’s life come crashing down around her? Will the secret horrors of her own past abuse be her & her new love Dale’s undoing? Can Dale move past his feelings of hurt to be with Sarah? MUST READ.

Romaine Heart

The strength of a woman

In the 1940’s women were treated beneath men. Mostly housewives, no respect, and very few good men. Colored people were also treated disrespectful. Segregation.
After Jon’s death, Sarah is trying to move forward with her life. She is now the owner of several businesses and one of the richest women  in the United States. Sarah has employed her family and several of her trusted friends to become part of her companies to investigate any wrongdoings concerning employees, company policies and investments.
Once a broken woman who was physically, mentally and verbally abused, Sarah has gained the confidence and courage needed to carry on Jon’s legacy. She is one tough cookie and will do what is right. She is definitely giving women and colored rights that they richly deserve.
Abused women seem to seek Sarah out to help them with their situations.
I really enjoyed Bill’s (William) character. Very humorous and a true Texan. I also enjoyed Tyronne and Dwayne’s characters and their honesty. I would recommend this book.
I’m volunteering an honest review for an advance reader’s copy.

Zoe Bancroft

Brilliantly written

This book was so very different than the first because you watch Sarah growing after Jon left her with the ability to carry on and start a new life, but also how to teach others that women are and can be equal to men.
She was still helping women that were abused by their husbands which she would always put above everything else with it always being part of her. She has become such a strong level headed person it was a great story to read.
It’s an emotional book but not in the same way as the first part, I didn’t find it quite as heart stopping as the domestic violence wasn’t portrayed in the same way.
I loved the characters in this book, as with the first part I just couldn’t put it down and hadn’t realized the time when I finished it but was shocked that I didn’t notice the hours slip away!
This is a book I think you will love or hate with it being set in the 40’s and it was written in that vein with the way people spoke to each other and how they acted.
Again Ronald writing style is impeccable and you really feel that you are there in that time watching it all happen. By now I feel that I have a bond with Sarah after watching her go through so much and how she manages it better than anyone I know. Jon helps her by giving her everything she will need to go through it and come out the other side a better person.
Even though she is the main character again there are a few others that are in it quite a bit and I really enjoyed seeing how they went through the changes with Sarah.
It’s a brilliant book which shows just how well women can manage and even do better than men in the 40’s. I laughed in a few parts and found it a lighter read than part one in a way even though the theme of men being better than women and them ruling with an iron fist still runs through it, I find it so sad that women suffered so much so that they “knew their place”. It also brings up how colored people were treated more than it did in the first part, yet another sad truth of our past!
I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone that liked a good read but I’d say to read the first part before this or you could get confused or take things the wrong way. This is still an 18+ and an erotic mystery fiction book, but as with the first I think it is needed as part of the story because without it you wouldn’t see how Sarah grows and it wouldn’t feel quite as real as it does the way it is written.
I’m now looking forward to reading the books about Jon and then at some point reread this book.

Jen Thomason

 Sarah continues her self-discovery

I’m not sure if I enjoyed Part One or Part Two better, but I loved watching Sarah continue gaining confidence and developing a full and meaningful life. I was hoping there would be a surprise plot twist regarding Jon but also applauded Sarah for moving on with Richard. Although I do find it peculiar that the characters in these novels can fall so madly in love with one another so quickly! In New Orleans, Sarah gets a driver named Dwayne and he introduces her to other people that new Jon or had business dealings with him. I loved Dwayne but was crazy about the chef/restauranteur, Tyronne.

Sarah was still busy trying to rid the universe of Twyla’s abusive husband Dale, dealing with the police regarding Dale, and also playing matchmaker between Twyla and the county Coroner. There were moments I was sort of put off by Sarah’s attitude and demeanor because it appeared she had gotten a very big head and was flaunting her wealth and power. However, as the novel went on I understood she was simply trying to establish that she was now the person in charge and also trying to keep those close to her and that she could trust in important positions within the company. Regardless of my back and forth feelings about her, it was wonderful reading about a character in 1945 that had not only had a sexually awakening but had become the owner of numerous businesses and assets. By the end of the novel, it seemed as if Sarah was becoming the local “go-to” person for wives being physically abused, just adding to her already busy life, but I appreciated that she remembers where she was not long ago and wants to help and inspire others.

Once again, Ronald D. Walker has crafted a unique and engaging novel that defies female stereotypes in the 1940’s. Fans of women’s fiction, erotica and romance should absolutely enjoy this novel, but you do need to read Part One first. Walker’s writing style flows easily and you will find yourself unable to put this one down!


A really great read

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. This story continues on from part one, Sarah is starting to move forward after the death of Jon, she is still helping women and their abusive partners. I know I couldn’t have lived back then, women were treated atrociously there were not many decent men. Ronald is a powerful storyteller who is so realistic with his words, I was there in those pages along with Sarah, loved the erotic emotional scenes, Ronald weaves his words into gallant emotion that literally pours off every page and straight into your soul. You will need to buy the book to find out how Sarah moves forward, you will not be sorry. I look forward to reading more from Ronald. I can honestly say I recommend this book.

Tara Peters

In the culmination of the series, we know that Jon is dead and has left his entire estate to Sarah. Again, I felt that she moved on way to fast. I could kind of understand how she fell so fast and hard for Jon in part one, because her husband treated her horribly. But, in my opinion, she moved just as quickly from Jon to Richard. He was a great man and treated her really well, but it was within maybe two weeks of Jon dying and she was already falling for Richard.
I did like the plot point of Sarah helping other abused women get away from their husbands. I also liked the parts of the characters in New Orleans. Sarah really became a strong character when it came to the business. I liked the characters of Twyla and the cop, but wish they would have had a better conclusion to their story; again their love story began to soon after Twyla was away from her husband and progressed way too fast, for my liking.
I would like to read more about these characters in the future, if for no other reason than to catch up with their lives. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest, voluntary review.


 Interesting Read

This book was interesting to say the least. The story takes place in 1944. An era where women are housewives and don’t really have any control. Sarah was married to an abusive husband and trying to make the best of life. She meet a man at a night club and told him he would cause trouble for her. She met the man again when she was getting a prescription filled for her broken hand. I loved this book and everything hidden in it.

Dee Archer

 Sarah’s life goes on and blossoms.

Sarah slowly adjusts to living without Jon. Even after death, Jon had surprises for Sarah and lessons to teach. Saying goodbye to Jon will have one in tears. A love interest enters her life and in time she finds purpose and meaning. The adventure is entertaining and comes to a peaceful conclusion. Sarah’s journey has been unusual, exciting, fearful, joyful, sad, heart-warming. Sarah finds love, family, direction, hope, happiness; Sarah finds a rich life far beyond material wealth. This is a pleasant read with a great storyline. I voluntarily reviewed a gifted copy of this book from the author. Five stars.

M. Sneyd

 She controls a business Empire but how will she cope.

Getting control of a large financial empire Sarah struggles to understand how it is run and how to improve it. She also is struggling with her emotional turmoil from recent event and the evolving new ones. Familiar characters appear along with loads of great new ones. She flies backwards and forwards between home and New Orleans gradually pulling others into the chaos her life has become. It is an emotional roller-coaster with highs and lows. I found it a very emotionally charged story that I couldn’t leave off reading. Well worth reading when you want something a bit less fluffy then the average romance.

Valid Purchase

 Great sex scenes amidst a great story.

Some observations: First of all, it DOES help to have read the first book in the series but this book can definitely be read on its own. Next, I wish all CEO’s had the kindness and compassion of Sarah. The business world would be a better place! The financial stuff did get a little confusing, but as I kept reading, things would clear up. The time period of the 1940’s was a great choice for a book about a woman overcoming hurdles in a male-dominated society. It was also a good time period to deal with the issue of racism. Overall, I was glad I read this book and am looking forward to reading the last book in the series.


Very good read

The continuing story of Susan’s life after Jon passes away. This was a good read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But to me,it does get bogged down a bit just like the first book. I am not sure if there will be a third book or not.

Kari M.

 Great Read

I enjoyed watching Sarah grow. Starting a new life, one that was so full. Between inheriting a business and starting a new love interest, one that is willing to stand by her side and help her move into the next phase of her life. Sarah has had a very unique adventure. One that has come to a happy conclusion. I so have enjoyed reading these books and look forward to reading more by Ronald.

Judy A Phillips

Loved it!

This book is great! It was almost like several stories meshed together, but all pertaining to one another. I had to give it 5 star because it was interesting and kept my attention.

Elizabeth Robbins

Hope a Number 3 to this series

I loved it! I hope there’s number 3. I have never read a book so fast to find out what happened to the characters in the book it left me needing more. I advise you to read the other books to this series before reading this one .

Verified Purchase



From other countries

juozas kasiulis

Good Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 19, 2019

Interesting continuation to the first part. Sarah does great job at taking care of her new life and finding new relationships. Magic addition brings more to the story but wasn’t explored much in this book. Time for another book in this series.