Magic place in writing

Ronald D. Walker

Magic place in writing does not exist because work is how writing is mainly described and endured.
I will take a truism from Ernest Hemingway and have you remember that a first draft is not worthy of being shown to friends and family. Do Not Even Think About Doing It.
Ernest Hemingway said, “The only kind of writing is rewriting.” I believe he omitted how much rework and corrections will be needed, even the times both will need to be done. Magic place in writing is pure fallacy.
Few writers will produce a first draft they are remotely happy with. Through the process of creating a second or third or fourth draft, you will hone the language, cut out superfluous material and refine the quality of your manuscript.

Magic place in writing may be seen as the moment we push the button to publish the labor we survived.
Once you’ve done the work of rewriting, editing, spell checking, asserting that every word is appropriate, such as affect and effect, through and thorough, current and currant and words that spellcheck may have changed. Google everything you are not absolutely certain is correct.

Magic place in writing may be the use of Microsoft Word for many reasons. It can be purchased for around ten dollars a month (Tax deductible) and automatically deducted from your bank account. Microsoft will update it to keep it current. The review feature will give a convenient thesauruses and other perks to help you write. The backward P will reduce your stress. So important. (Ask me about it.) Once I have the formatting correct for the first work, I use the first few paragraphs of the text to format the second work and so on.

Magic place in writing may be the part of Word which has an editing feature that I find to be glorious. It will tell when corrections should be made. Nothing is foolproof, including high dollar editors that may or may not be worthy of your trust or dollars. After the editing feature, I use Yahoo email to send the transcript to G-mail and use the Google Docs feature to continue editing, correcting word usage, sentence structure, spelling and readability.
Protect your work. (Ask how I do it.) Perfectly legal.

Magic place in writing is at last…Advanced Copy Readers. Avid readers will happily HELP and they will be merciless. A great degree of the time they will be right. At other times one may not understand why something is correct when they think it is not. RED FLAG! Time to do major CORRECTING, as it is probably needed. Everyone has their preferences. It may be that there are many applications you may find favorable.
I write on my Personal Computer. Authors use their tablets or Cellphone. I want the large keys to push. Just saying…

Magic place in writing may constitute the enjoyment of doing whatever you do. Allow yourself to enjoy and you will. Do anything else and you will possibly develop medical problems. Wine is fine, but liquor is quicker. Just saying. My most magical works are Hurricane Bay and Orange County which follows Hurricane Bay and

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