Manage your writing experience

Ronald D. Walker

Manage your writing experience or what I might recommend for a person to manage. First steps are degrees of planning and application to be in a position to begin writing. My choice is Microsoft Word which affords help in so many ways and it can be both inexpensive and tax deductible. Purchased from Microsoft at an expense of a monthly charge, you get more than one app to place on your different devices. I understand that some people write on their cellphone during their times away from a PC. I have a problem with striking the proper characters on my outdated cellphone.

After you have Word, contact me for a formatted text you can use to manage your writing experience. Initial formatting is difficult. Blindly attempting to work with Word is time consuming and frustrating before it can be mastered. The email of the text you will use on Word is a three part process. Copy and paste it from your email to Word on your device. Begin your process below the text and formatting will be continued. After only one paragraph, more if you feel more confident by continuing, remove the initial text but keep the table of contents and ownership disclosure and title, to be changed naturally. Your book is born for a cost of less than twenty dollars, excluding cost you acquired earlier. Where will you be in the future if you begin the task to manage your writing experience today? Where will you be in the future if you continue the normal experiences of life?

To manage your writing experience, a large amount of instruction will be needed and can be accomplished by a scheduled cellphone call or the ebook titled Smashwords Style Guide. It is a free information source you should download to keep or have it remain in the library on the main page. I found written instructions to be geared toward people as a refresher more then first experience education. also has tutorials that may be helpful. You will need instructions on a few aspects of writing on Word. The backward P being an important component, bookmarking, links for both inter and outer linking.

Using Word Review is on the navigation bar at the top. It has a thesaurus feature which can be used for a variety of words and a few other concepts will help. Using the Search feature is an aid to track and find what has been written. I do not have anything to sell other than my books. My help will be free, if I choose to give it. The process of writing is certainly the most important single task. Getting your work known and accepted is another beast entirely. Use the contact form to send an email and message. We can communicate on Facebook groups with other writers that have a variety of means to help you manage your writing experience. You are a writer until you publish and become an author with many books to come, written with a single goal in mind. Entertainment. Your readers and yours. Enjoy while you manage your writing experience. free to download or save in your Smashwords library. Smashwords Book Marketing Guide.