Mutual Transitions

Ronald D. Walker

Wilson Crammer was saved from being beaten in an alley in Denver and complains of suffering his loss of memory. His identity is established using fingerprint analysis. He makes Craig Greyson President of his companies and attempts to reclaim his former life and find the people responsible for his abduction and attempted murder. Old injuries left his face unrecognizable to people who knew him before. Failure to prove his identity to his family and members of a jury could mean his loss of everything. Preventing that outcome may require more than he is able to produce. Will friends from his past help or betray him to gain his wealth.



M. Sneyd

Missing Millionaire found being Attacked

A man found being beaten in an alley whose fingerprints the FBI say belong to a millionaire puts his savior in charge of his companies while he tries to remember his past. Some family members think he is a fake while other welcome him with open arms. This attack was the most recent but their had been earlier ones. As you read through you get drawn in to this high powered who-done-it. A great read with a very interesting cast of characters.

Sean Parker

I really enjoyed reading this book. The story was nicely set with a lot of unexpected and interesting twists and turns that kept me very curious until the very end. I loved the characters in this book and they were very much alive. The writing style of the author is very engaging. The twists and turns had me on edge. This amazing book is more than what it seems. The things that make it interesting are lives in shambles, discoveries, betrayal and faithfulness, clemency and weddings. While reading, you literally feel as if you are the part of the story. The author takes you on a wonderful journey from the opening scene of chapter 1 until the end, leaving you dazed and craving more. You simply can’t resist reading it. It’s a must-have and a must-read book. Be sure to pick it up. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Carl Owen1988

Wilson Crammer is a strong, tough, wise and caring man. To suffer all he did and show compassion for everyone is so admirable. I really enjoyed the lives of all of the characters. Excellent story told in a manner that is easily understood, while it made me think of those underlying mysteries. Bring on Joshua Ronald. Continue my reading pleasure. Thanks for all of your writing.

I know things happen like the author describes in the book and bad things are done to good people but it is hard to imagine it happening to a famous person and be a witness to a life being torn apart and the battle to reconstruct his life and relationships with family and having friends turn their back to the victim as if he is a criminal. I was appalled when reading about the actions taken against Wilson and learning the part played by loved ones in his life, even betrayal. I was taken with the characters and especially Buzzard. Will there be a novel written about his life? This was a very relaxing and enjoyable time for me.

Michelle Brooks
Excellent reading session. The development of the story during the time frame had me thinking about the life my grandparents lived. With the luxuries they did not have to enjoy. I could not wait to see what happened next in the story.
I particularly enjoyed the bonds of all the people. Ronald took me through the joys of reading this book.

Love and hatred, what a true to life reading experience. Characters were well depicted but not overdone. Emotions carried over with the trauma of the past incidents in the Crammer family. Cruel reality of what life and the evil some people may do to advance their status is sometime hard to imagine. Good people work through and find answers and happiness. Life continues and true friendships flourish. This was not a book I wanted to put down. What happens next was always my question. This is a very thought provoking book and a great experience. I was swept into the struggles and the heartaches. Loved it. Ready to read Joshua.