Necessary pain of editing

Ronald D. Walker

Editors will charge a small fortune and some will attempt to influence your judgement about everything involving your work. The demand for payment comes first, before the first round of so called editing begins. Successful authors often say we should learn to edit. A necessary pain of editing will save a potful of cash for an enterprising author.

Microsoft Word is my choice for a writing platform for reasons that could be confusing should I attempt to explain now. The backward P is an invaluable feature for checking spacing of words and sentences. Click to turn on to make the effect visible and off to remove the text effect. Word has many valuable features, including spell check. It will, at certain times, correct spelling where it is not needed. Reading as you write should dispense with the erroneous correction. Always follow the necessary pain of editing.

I like the attitude LOUIS L’AMOUR had when he said, ‘I will do my best in writing and try to do it again, while I am able.’
Once you have done your best, leisurely read the text and make changes to glaring miscues. The purpose is to assess the value of what is written, while relaxing and enjoying reading. Put yourself in the place of a person who bought your publication and begins reading.
The difficult parts are next. Make the sentences speak to the reader, as best you can with following corrections. Keep your unique personal touches by not attempting to pattern your work after some other author. A necessary pain of editing should be done several times.

Another round of correcting spelling, punctuation and word usage. Simple is best, but helping the reader understand and enjoy is paramount.
As I grew in my early days spent reading as I savored expanding my vocabulary and kept a dictionary close by.
A cardinal rule seems to be that a comma should be used before AND in all cases, almost. I am rebellious when it comes to that thinking. The word AND connects. If a comma is needed, my thinking is to use a period and make another sentence.
Edit again and again, when you feel more editing is needed. At some point Google Docs should be used. Contact me to have further instructions at When you have finished using Google Docs, run the text thorough another process using Word Editor. Endure the necessary pain of editing as it will require patience and effort.

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