Neighbors With Benefits

Ronald D. Walker

Managing five women in his employment and in the bedroom could be a blessing or a disaster. Day to day Trent must do all he possibly can to keep them happy. Can he?
When Trent puts a domestic help wanted sign in his front yard, he gets more than he bargained for.
Trent is under a lot of pressure from his employer, the Pirrone Corporation. He’s struggling to maintain the work of seven people. Architect, blueprints, traveling to and from Houston daily, visiting job sites…a greedy corporation that makes promises and a seedy contract that Trent is bound to.
When Maggie answered his request for domestic help, little did he know that heaven was just around the corner. Five of his single, seductive neighbors would fulfill any mans dreams. Not only were they his domestic help, they also helped him with his office work and errands, but it doesn’t stop there. Part of their request in return is that he spends sexual time with each woman. One each night. Neighbors with Benefits. No sleepovers. After all, we women do have a jealousy streak.
There is a lot of hot, steamy scenes in Trent’s home.
When death hits the neighborhood, lives change. What happens now to Trent and his sexual encounters and his help?
When Trent sees Chris, Reanne’s niece, his entire world changes. Will Chris become a Neighbor with Benefits? Or is she afraid of hurting her aunt?
Evil is lurking in the shadows. Trent has to maintain his normal routine until the time is right.