Beginning of your work

Ronald D. Walker

Beginning of your work will probably be done with a small advance. A single word will begin. What will be needed to continue? Push past all of the mental garbage. Ignore all of what may be bouncing around inside your noggin. It will be difficult to ignore the people you hoped would support your efforts, without allowing internal barriers to prove what they may say, in your estimation. Stop, ignore and prevent every negative you may face.

Beginning of your work may require writing like there will be no tomorrow and ignoring the world around you. Keep everything you are doing and your thought processes well hidden. Concentrate on the story and how it needs to be written.

Beginning of your work should be a joyous time and a relief from doubts. Success will come given the necessary time. With fame comes both accolades and rejections. Those will possibly visit you in the distant future. Write and prepare for them as your writing experience progresses. Write with total abandon. You are the only one who cares.

Beginning of your work wisely. Someone I once trusted read part of the first manuscript and casually commented that he had read better and he had read worse. It was not something I should have allowed. The manuscript was not completed and was without editing and correction. I added several chapters and changed much of what I previously let others read. I expected those people to be caring and to give needed and wanted advice. Unwise decision and wishful thinking. They had no inkling of what could have been helpful.

Your writing style will be unique at the Beginning of your work. Let it flow. If you try to write like another author because you think it will be better accepted, you will lose the chance to let your personal touch be manifested. Every author before you suffered rejection and ridicule by uncaring people. Prepare to face and counter the attacks that may happen. The day will come when your work will become a business when the final manuscript is submitted and it is published. You will graduate from being a struggling writer to being a published author. In the time between, enjoy every minute.

Make goals and monitor your progress, but do not focus solely on the goals. Let them come as a matter of progression. Whatever you do, do not hurry. Stop the desire to see the end and have a completed manuscript. Concentrate on having a complete and understandable manuscript with moments of enjoyment glaringly obvious.

 Beginning of your work may have a conundrum of thoughts. I am not ever totally convinced that a comma should be placed in a certain sentence and I know that people do not place commas in their everyday speaking. Sentence structure is never correct in our everyday speaking. Take care to not over correct when you edit and make changes. Enjoy what your are writing and let your characters enjoy the words you give them. Show with lucid writing and resist the urge to simply tell, unless that is truly needed for the story to freely flow. Enjoy your experience and write with abandon that will allow your readers to enjoy their experience.

Hurricane Bay has a few enjoyable times, as Jon Bartleaux also has.