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Our salvation or destiny

Ronald D. Walker

Our salvation or destiny can only be questioned until we cease to be interested. Writing may or may not be your salvation; it may or may not be your destiny. That does not matter. What matters are the words only you can write, one word at a time. Find the next word and make it famous by writing it for everyone to enjoy. When it is written and saved it will be a part of your life experience. If not, a golden opportunity will be lost forever. We cannot go back and rewrite our own history. Saying that I will do it when I have time or when I have better conditions to write is a waste. Once started, the time you spend writing will change the way you see things. It may happen slowly which seems to be the usual progression.

Our salvation or destiny is a matter of need and purpose. Detail of both will possibly become of a different interest than before. Detail in every life phase may cause your awareness to become heightened and a lost sense of need for education has been spoken of by authors who dedicate their concentration on writing everyday. Each person will find writing to be a new form of expression of values in the development of characters and descriptions. It is amazing to write a story and complete the writing of a story with a editing process and read the words with a sense of reading what another wrote. A thought of ‘I wrote this‘ may be an amazing feeling. Is it to be our salvation or destiny?

People speaking of writers block is something I cannot understand when I have so many stories in mind to be done and have so little time to complete. I have times when I wonder if what I will write will be well received. I remind myself that I am writing for my own enjoyment. The biggest problem I face when doing the editing processes is not following what I start and begin reading the words because I enjoy the story so much. While doing rewrites and editing I have to pull my attention away from enjoying reading what I previously wrote and return to looking for what needs to be corrected.
Remember that it is not so important to write in a manner that people can understand as it is to write so people cannot misunderstand. I held that thought firmly grasped in my thinking through writing the first full story and worked as I was instructed for more than five years, I abandoned the instructions and freelanced to my satisfaction. It became my method of writing, with happiness in my accomplishments and enjoyment in the time I have spent. Even moving toward expressing the story through major use of dialogue as Best Of Luck was done: and South Of The River:
Style will be developed and giving yourself freedoms to rise above the standards will help you find what you want to be. That process will evolve when you give yourself permission. Stay the course and be true to yourself. Your reflection is the only face you will see in a mirror. You are the only person who must be satisfied, EVER!
That thought brings reviews of your work into focus. Don’t! Having them is nice, but wanting them is not. I once believed that having a large number of reviews would magically bring my work to the attention of a vast number of readers. The only readers that matter are those that care. A vast number of people believe that every author should have a book done as one of those who had acclaim in the past. An unknown number of people will not enjoy what I write or what you write. They have the privilege to do and to feel as they want. They do not matter. Let them not matter and rise above to stay the course and be true to yourself. People will disappoint you, but other people will surprise you. Let those surprising people find you. A singular correctness does not exist. Be unique and be happy that you are. Some favorite books I believe most surprising people will enjoy reading are Hurricane Bay Orange County Summer Help Wanted Jon Bartleaux Rodeo Radiance Mutual Transitions Kinsman Tribe Part One Kinsman Tribe Part Two