faceless girlfriends holding hands near wall


            I Had a Friend

In letters I nurtured my friend far away

Sought to hold penned words from her each day

I had a friend who truly lit my world

I grew from the velvet touch of my girl

Thoughts of her filled my lonely day

My one concern what she might say

So long her face I wished to touch

I loved this girl my friend so much

Hope stood strong in wedding bands

Promise of life held in our two hands

We were mated souls, lovers extraordinaire

Her life was lost and she could never share

Chasms of her mind she fought to breach

Bright beacons shine she sought to reach

From her past dark shadows loom

Our life entwined replete with gloom

Her way to cope I came to find

Was drowning sorrows in the wine

Ridicule and scorn fell soft as rain

Caring beat low from the stings of pain

Loves warm desire was my great sin

She saw ulterior motive at every bend

I still shake and quake and such

I just don’t love her quite so much

She vowed I will always love you so

But dreadful pain demands you go

Sharing love and laughter, joy might have been

Without regret I still can say I had a friend

Lovers Lies and Lilies