Problem corrections bring results

Ronald D. Walker

Problem corrections bring results. Look at the description of this book titled ??????? Oops. Title omitted to protect the guilty. Selling price of the book is $4.99 to allow reading of a 5,370 word count, in a collection of short stories.

Problem corrections bring results, as I am usually able to write that many words in a single working day. A few minutes spent on You Tube might have been a simple way to bring the advertisement to an instant success.

A small collection of short stories based on my work in child protection and working with families. Not suitable for children under 18 years as contains adult themes. These stories can be quite confronting for the more sensitive person.’ Simple problem fixes bring results.

Problem fixes bring results, with a focus on correcting the problems. As an example assess the following bio. The problems are glaring. ‘I have now worked for many years with children, young people and families in child protection, residential care, homelessness, domestic violence and in the foster care system, before starting my own mobile service. I now provide counselliing, family support, workshops, hypnosis and energy healing, as well as my writing.’
Problem fixes bring results for such errors as extraneous and unnecessary words, poor writing and incorrect spelling.
Multiple MISTAKES are evident. Someone did not follow basic steps to represent a thorough and dedicated author.
Everyone who attempts to write should understand the rule of the importance of not being misunderstood or using the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid. Keeping it simple actually erases the end word Stupid.
Problem corrections bring results as it is evident that the texts were not corrected by anyone.
Nobody is perfect, but seeking out train wrecks in our writing should not be difficult. A missing word, letter, punctuation mark or a run-on sentence can seriously damage the perception of a reader about our abilities to write a draft that is easily read and understood, as we desire it to be. You cannot control the person reading your work and how the person feels during that time. Their favorite drink may have been a help, but you cannot control that either. Do suggest it.
I wonder if anyone would finish reading the texts and buy the book.
Problem corrections bring results. Editing, even if it is only done by friends or Advanced Reader Copy persons, is imperative and mandatory and one hundred and forty-six other descriptive words, which all apply.

Problem corrections bring results with self editing and other tools that help us in editing, are our responsibility. Respect yourself and your reader. Follow the steps to have a manuscript that reflects your values as an author.
I would never suggest that you eliminate self editing. That is your first defense to make the difference between enjoyable reading and a bad batch of reviews. Consider what you may be advised and never protect your work as you may think it may be needed. When change is needed put on the needed armor and do what needs to be done. Do it! Do it! Do it!

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