Procrastination is a word

Ronald D. Walker

Procrastination is a word used to explain different aspects of human frailty. I believe everyone goes through processes that may be described as procrastination. I detest the word because it has the connotation of being a sickness. It is a catch phrase used by people who cannot determine what actually happens to them and how they react. If you cannot push through, just go around. You will do extended work of polishing the text you started and will finish, eventually. I will get to the nitty-gritty of how that can be done later in this text.

Procrastination is a word. If you were able to leave the space you are occupying and look at what your career will eventually be and picture it from beginning to end, what would you it expect it to be? I actually began writing Mutual Transitions, at the end of the text before starting the beginning with: The old man lay on the ground, blood oozing from the gash over his left eye. I imagined the ending and the beginning. That has not always been how the manuscript was structured for each of my published works.
Would it help to see the books and projects you will finish, the goals you will achieve and celebrate those moments when your books hit the best seller lists. Or would having enough income from sales of your work to have a comfortable life and continue your literary career be considered a success and be enough?
Procrastination is just a word even when reality seems to bite. Success only comes from your labors of long hours, your inspiration, your unbridled creativity and the passion you allow to shine through the final and finished text.

Procrastination is a word and as imagined as having an overnight success is imagined to be a spectacular sensation. You are probably no different than most authors and you will have special moments and you will have a few large gaps in the process. Times when you question your writing ability or what to write and those times you know you should be fervent about needed marketing tasks, but doubt causes you to find excuses to avoid the first steps to gear yourself up and overcome. Everyone has those times, even the most successful authors in the world.

 What separates those who go on to achieve great things and those who don’t is the ability to re-start and forge ahead with the knowledge of ability to overcome mediocrity with inspired labor in redoing, rewording, reorganizing, checking spelling and using all the abilities you have to structure a kickass finished manuscript you will be proud of. How you start is the first building block whether it is the beginning, middle, ending or some other place in the structuring of the text. I begin with an idea that is usually vague and the process builds. My writing is a process of building, usually not knowing where it will take me or what the finished manuscript will constitute. The first draft is never the completed manuscript. The work has a structure as a means to and end, with a process of building to follow.

Procrastination is a word when we make it be a crutch to bear our weight. It can be frustrating if we allow it to continue and become a habit. Each of us may find the process to be a simple change of the circumstance. Understanding the options each of us may have and be able to use is the key. Remove the obstacle by whatever means that may be needed. Procrastination is just a word that has no great power. We have the power when we discover how to embrace it. Buzzard Shields discovers how to use his power in the form of a broom handle in Buzzard Shields South published on