Jon Bartleaux


Born In a house of ill repute, Jon Bartleaux has privilege from men who frequent the Madame’s house. Schooled by personal trainers he grows to manhood and establishes a business that grows as he grows. A millionaire by age twenty he earns a Masters Degree and finds a relationship with an older woman contributes to his growth in distinct and unexpected ways. Keeping his vast holdings growing as he desires requires more than he is capable to do without being a target for assassination. Turning to his college tutors for that needed help he finds corruption and cruelty that must be rectified without destroying the foundation of his fortune. Will he succeed in bringing order to his vast empire or will his dark secret bring it all crashing down? Will a romance with a widowed woman give him the pleasure and gratification he desires or will his dark secret also destroy his expectation of love blossoming? Sarah Barnes may have the formula to help him in every aspect of his life