Publishing to protect manuscript

Ronald D. Walker

Publishing to protect manuscript when the initial rework is done. After the transcript is masterfully written, through every effort you are able to give in solving the dilemma of proper wording brought to the greatest understanding and every correction possible has been done. How is that for a beautiful run on sentence? Do a concerted editing and proofreading and further correcting by every trick imaginable and advised. Then publish to protect the incomplete work.

Publishing to protect manuscript which you labored and made large investments to complete. I discovered the second leading publisher of digital books to be , which I favor. I skipped ahead of all the intricacies of producing the finished text to give a hope for you and the thought that you have more than one choice. Writing is a progressively developed craft. Practice makes perfect is not true. Perfect practice makes perfect. The industry does not have, nor will it ever have, the perfect work. Give the most perfect work you can and be satisfied. At the point of reading and correcting, when the copyright is declared and the chapters are internally linked, publish your work on to list for purchase for one single day.

Publishing to protect manuscript by clicking the button to unpublish the eBook and move it to the archive to have a protected copy. When the work has been completed to your satisfaction, bring the archived copy back to be published and replace it with the completed work. Proof will be established by the original publication being done and date recorded.

Whatever your preferred genre may be, make yours unique. People say they deplore historical presence in a novel. Do they deplore historical fiction or are some people hysterical? Either or, has no relevance. You can’t make everyone happy so you have to start with your happiness. I am not attempting to paint a dire scenario, only preparing a great defense that might someday be needed. I have had people attack my writing and disparage my character. I wrestled for a time with methods to return the pettiness, before reasoning overcame and redirected. Move on to your next great adventure and glory in you accomplishments. I will regress to the order of sanity later. Write like no one will ever see what has been done. Give people the chance to make a valid judgement from the enjoyment they had while reading the literary world you created with a story. Your unique accounting. Safeguard the work by using a method to publish to protect the manuscript ethical, accepted and legal. I began the practice of publishing to protect with Joshua , Joshua’s Way Jewella Crossing , Kinsman Tribe Part One , Kinsman Tribe Part Two , Buzzard Shields South , Buzzard Shields America , Buzzard Shields North .