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Question and research everything

Ronald D. Walker

Question and research everything you write. When you are able to find the comfortable place to write and the words are becoming a story, possibly five or six paragraphs, go back and read. As you read, put yourself in the readers place. Will that person be able to understand and connect with what inspires and leads you to write the story. Question and research everything you write, without failing. Find your comfort zone and describe every detail that will help the reader. It may seem boring and flat but that much description may be needed to build the story. Take the hurry out of your story and out of the time spent writing the story. Make it simple and easy.

F. Scott Fitzgerald summited a manuscript that had twelve pages describing a woman standing on the railway platform. His editor told him that nobody waited on a train that long. The description was edited to less than half a page. A later manuscript totaled over five thousand typewritten pages. His editor asked if he knew to question and research everything about the manuscript. The edited book contained less than seven hundred pages. Ernest Hemingway once asked his editor if Scott had learned how to write. Ernest Miller Hemingway won a Pulitzer Prize for literary excellence and committed suicide by using a shotgun pointed inside his mouth.

Concerning the question of how to write. authors are able to express more than in past years? It was once controlled by publishers, until digital book distribution had a massive beginning. Amazon was born in 1994. Smashwords came into being in 2007 with a less stringent attitude and initiated helping Indie authors. Every writer has the ability to be a published author if he will question and research everything he writes.

An author has the responsibility to present a book that is as free of gawfaws as may be possible. Research every detail until you are an authority on the detail. Question and research everything you write, until you are satisfied with the writing of the manuscript. Read the manuscript with your focus on enjoying the time you spend reading. Ferociously edit, check spelling and make corrections. Use the contact form on this website to send an Email and a short note. I may have a few tricks that might help you save beaucoup cash money.

With the thought of question and research everything, I use the example of  Daniel Brisbane in my eBook Never Too Late . His rescue of downed pilots in Never Too Late required his ability to question and research everything to be a success. Joshua Summer Help Wanted Hurricane Bay Neighbors With Benefits Sexy Assassin Mutual Transitions Jon Bartleaux Buzzard Shields South each have characters using deductive reasoning to question and research everything by using every source available to them.