Sexy Assassin

Ronald D. Walker

Life in the mob demands secrecy or one stumble will mean a slow tortured death. Chris, Trent, Charlotte, and Kyle weave their way through the dangers as they do the bidding of the organization. Can they break free or suffer the same fate as the ones who came before them did.

Vonda Hill

This book is awesome! I did not want to put it down

This book is awesome! I did not want to put it down until I was done reading all of it!!

M. Sneyd
 Sexy Assassin; can she escape the death sentence she can see as her future.
Chris became an enforcer for her Uncle Joe after her mother was tortured and killed as a form of revenge. As the deaths mount up year after year she just wants to escape the constant surveillance and avoid the threat of death. She runs taking with her the three people she cares about – Her love, cousin and her cousin’s partner. Can they reach a place of safety. Along the way to the remote place she has chosen for her home she meets people who will change her future. A great read and fairly fast paced.

I voluntarily read a free copy of this book and am giving an honest review.
Martha Marjus
Definitely VERY sexy assassin. Good descriptions of her and of the sex scenes. Make sure to keep reading to the end!
Great book. Here are some observations: After (and during) the well-described sex scene at the beginning, things got a little confusing, but they cleared up as I kept reading. This happened several times. Just keep reading! The main character was very likeable.
It was great to set the book in the time of 1953, an unusual setting for the typical romance book. Most are in the present, or far into the future or past. Having been born in 1955 myself, this time was interesting to me.
I got disappointed that it took about 10% of the book before starting to explain the “sexy assassin”. But again, it always got better as I kept reading!

Romaine Heart
 A good read!
The author takes us back in time to the 1950’s, shortly after the war. After the death of Chris’s mother, her Uncle Joe initiated her into the world of the mafia as an Enforcer.
Chris works with her lover, Trent, as they travel the world assassinating the traitors of the mafia world.
With Chris and Trent’s special talents, Uncle Joe wants to keep them in the mafia but they have other plans.
Chris and Trent end up on a secluded tropical island. They meet several residents and learn of their hardships. Together they build a community.
Will Chris and Trent ever be free of Uncle Joe? I would recommend this book.

Loved the switch up in this book
Wow what a book! It grabbed me from the beginning & took me on one Hell of a ride! Characters are well written which allowed me to experience all of their emotions. Chris is one Hoy, Strong & Independent wonder of a woman who is wise beyond her years. At first I admit I didn’t care for her as I found her a bit too cocky, but as the book progressed I found myself admiring her tenacity as well as her personality. Trent’s Gorgeous Physique, Intelligence & Self Discipline drew me to him almost immediately. No spoilers here, so I’ll just say this is a TRUE MUST READ