Stigma of writer block

Ronald D. Walker

Stigma of writer block is as a crutch of mythological proportion. Why it should be the farthest idiosyncrasy from your mind. It is a plague without substance. Has a carpenter ever suffered from Carpenters block. Has an artist or a bus driver or a school teacher?

Stigma of writer block leads me to question why a writer does not simply ask what is next, what should follow, what can be tied to the flow of the story when a mental dilemma arises? It is not a catastrophe. Skip ahead with what is relevant in the progression of the story. Develop a new character or bring additional conflict and conclusion, even if the conclusion is far ahead in the story. Questions without immediate answers can be normal. Consider that everything may be resolved in the rewriting and simply continue with patience and understand that frailties do exist and may be overcome at another time. Answer your questions and doubts with positive action, continue writing. It is the best reward.

Stigma of writer block should be seen from a great distance. There exists a mountain of information and advice about how you should write, what method you should employ, how you should develop your work. Until someone is able to examine you from the inside, nothing can be farther from the truth. The so called experts are not able to understand how and why we think as we do or how we write as we do. Unique and rare are two words that come to my mind.

Stigma of writer block is discounted when it is seen that nobody has your intellect, humor, development, experiences, motivation or understanding. Those attributes are elements of how your story should be constructed. It is yours. Use what you have deep inside to write, with just a slight touch of flair and explain the smallest detail that is pertinent to the story and builds understanding for the reader and move on to what comes next.

Stigma of writer block is what I see to be termed writer block as a simple hiccup that has been blown out of proportion. It can be catastrophic if it is a fear and it is allowed a presence. In life, if you cannot find a way to push through, go around. Find another means to finish what has been given birth, without the stigma of writers block.

Stigma of writer block brings thoughts of the Smashwords publication Book Marketing Guide as an incentive toward perseverance and goal seeking. As ever. Enjoy

Stigma of writer block is a condition nobody should ever allow. I would not have published the eBook titled Sherman if I allowed the Stigma of writer block: or Heath: Kinsman Tribe Part One : Kinsman Tribe Part Two : Facebook post