Kinsman Tribe Part One

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Hatred was rampant in Texas after independence from Mexico. Little government had been administered by the Spanish. Men of every kind established their rights by forcing their will on those who had little fighting ability. Theft and murder became common occurrence. Whole populations were displaced from cities and lands held for generations by people who were of Spanish decent. People of mixed heritage, Negroes and Indians were slaughtered without reprisal. Kiowa Bennett gathered men to strengthen their defense against any attack. Cullen Allen brought order and purpose to the band of men. Bounties offered for the men threaten them if their presence is known. Moving is the only chance they have to evade capture. Living is an everyday struggle for people in Texas. Life in Kiowas band is desperate. Chance is all they have for everyday needs. Can they survive with everything against them? Will their destruction come from Mexican bandits or organized bounty hunters. Will they be able to live as free men and defeat their attackers? ISBN: 9781370429660 Words 96,290 Free Shipping

  • Words: 96,290
  • Words: 96,290
  • Words: 96,290
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