Lovers Lies and Lilies Emilee's Story

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Emilee Carver was twenty-nine in 1944, women were thought to be the weaker sex and deemed to be of lower status to men. Domestic affairs were never of interest to men in law enforcement. Reports by women were ignored. Divorce was unheard of—a woman’s place was in the home, obeying her spouse and raising their children. After a chance meeting with Sarah Barnes gave Emilee a means to find relief from her abusive, perverted husband. Left alone, to care for her children Emilee finds her way, with help from Sarah. Emilee pushes the shame and guilt of her past behind her as her life becomes a mirror of success like Sarah found. Emilee's funds increase and her future becomes brighter when Barry pursues her socially. He helps Emilee discover that life holds more than the 40s mindset of sex only being for procreation at the pleasure of the husband. Treated as an equal, he guides her to find that sex can be mutually satisfying. Will Emilee find happiness or will she push happiness aside to protect the life she has gained with her good fortune and the happiness of her children? You’ll love this coming-of-age story as the journey to find freedom, sexual enlightenment and love for Emilee begins to blossom and grow. ISBN: 9781370581252 Words: 79,180

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