Lovers Lies and Lilies Part Two

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In 1944, Sarah Barnes no longer lives the meager existence of a battered housewife.

She has outgrown the constraints of society’s expectations for women and experienced love and grief like none she ever imagined were possible.
A generous gift from Jon Bartleaux elevated her to the prominence of respected business-woman. Sarah’s life becomes so full and busy that she barely has time to spend with an unexpected suitor while jet-setting between Texas and New Orleans to rid her companies of theft and management executives’ tyrannical treatment of Bartleaux employees.
Dale and Twyla’s situation is coming to a desired resolution, when Sarah learns of another friend suffering from violence in her marriage.
As love blooms, the dangers in Sarah’s life grow. She will learn who her close friends and trusted employees are as she adjusts to her new life and new love.
Will her carefully devised plans come crashing down? Will Sarah’s secret change the lives of another victimized woman, or will Dale’s demise be her undoing?
You’ll love this coming-of-age story because the journey to find freedom, sexual enlightenment, and love is just beginning for both Sarah and Twyla.

ISBN: 9781370431038 Words: 65,910

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