Rafe Coleman Federal Marshal

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Sacrifice to help people is more than a grand gesture. Rafe Coleman takes the responsibility and understands the importance of what he is asked to do. Trained in the old ways of his ancestors, he has abilities beyond a common man in Texas in 1880.
Saving the people living on the farm from being discovered and taken to a reservation was his task. Completing the 1880 census without the people being discovered was the responsibility of a Federal Marshal. His father persuaded men he knew in Washington D. C. that respected Rayford for his military service and wealth he amassed since the civil war ended.
Obstacles and pitfalls will need to be avoided or overcome. Lawless bands roamed Texas. They could cause substantial problems if they are not stopped. Can a young man and his brother manage both? Adventure and hardship abound for them and the family. ISBN: 9781005684679 Words: 158,070 Free Shipping

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