South Of The River

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Life in 1876 and 1877, in Texas. Rayford Coleman built his wealth capturing criminals Texas wanted Dead Or Alive after his time in the Army that ended during the war between the states.
Christopher Haskins has been a deputy sheriff for eight years. Herb Hollis was reported to have killed his step-father, mother and younger brother. The bounty for him is nine hundred dollars. Chris was paid ten dollars each month. Thoughts of having nine hundred dollars had his hopes sky high. Sheriff Bill Tillman warned Chris of the danger but let him borrow three sets of wrist shackles. Becoming partners with Neal Forrester proved to be handsomely rewarding with the knowledge Neal had of the location of bandits living along the banks of a small river and the valuables they had buried. Following the advice of a woman he was associated with for a short time proved to be lucrative many times over. Organizing a group of men, Chris continued the work Rayford started ten years earlier by lessening the criminal population in East Texas and collected offered rewards.

ISBN: 9781005686635 Words: 122,250

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