Summer Help Wanted

Ronald D. Walker

Eric Treybern’s life is in a downward spiral with financial ruin coming in the form of a nasty divorce. His circumstance and good fortune change at his good friends death. An opportunity to work on his lost friends farm with an older woman as his partner leads to lessons above his imagination. Growth in every aspect of his life comes in baby steps and progresses to leaps and bounds. Allurement of an experienced woman, fortune and fame can be fleeting. Friends stay forever true.

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Romaine Heart

It will touch your heart and soul.

Eric’s  life was spiraling downwards due to a divorce. When his friend passed away, he and his friends were greatly rewarded for their kindness over the years while Ray was alive.
Trey has learned of his new businesses and continues to help others. 
Sheryl has begun to show her true side. Will Trey continue to pacify her?
Jessee, Merle and Clayton stood by Trey and helped as true friends do.
Will Trey wake up and realize his soulmate has always been waiting to claim him?
Ronald D. Walker has written an amazing series. Throughout this book he has written intricate details of events from agricultural, business and rodeos.
Summer Help Wanted is about kindness and being helpful to others in need. It will touch your heart and soul.



What a simply Phenomenal ending to this Heart pounding, Exciting finale. As I’ve come to expect in Mr. Walker’s books, his characters continued to be well written & they easily drew me into the story once again. This finale had me glued to my chaise lounger to see what finally would become of Sheryl & Eric’s relationship. I held my breathe in anticipation of whether Eric & his friends other dreams would come to fruition or remain steadfast in their hearts.

Ro Blanchart

Eric’s world started spiraling downwards when he found out his vindictive wife, Kaye, was having an affair. She’s out to make him suffer and lose everything he’s worked so hard for. She even put a hold on their divorce, suspecting he might come into some money.
When Sheryl placed a Help Wanted Sign in a store window, Eric saw his chance for a little extra money. Upon meeting Sheryl, Eric was enthralled with this older woman and her beauty, but he would wouldn’t act upon his desires. After all, he had morals and he was still a married man.
Eric has always been a kind soul and friends to many. Always there to lend a helping hand to his friends. Much to his surprise, his entire life is about to change.
Ronald Walker takes us back in time where farming was a way of life. His intricate details of agriculture and taking care of animals will astound you.


This book got me hooked!
Will be recommending to my friends.
Can’t wait for more from Ronald


This was really a powerful read! I’m not usually one for Southern/Western cowboy reads. The meet with Sheryl was a bit like “woah slow down cowboy”. But it was good and interesting read!

Diann Sample


What a book! Characters just come to life & pull you right into the story alongside them! As the Title of the book depicts, this is a story of Summer Help Wanted. Eric is a Hardworking, Handsome Cowboy whose marriage has come to an unfortunate end after she took comfort in the arms of another. All that’s left between the two are their signatures on the decree that neither of them can afford to file yet. Eric tries to give his soon to be ex, Kaye a wide birth and spends his time at friends’ houses. He comes across a Help Wanted ad in the town market after he hears of his friends death & decides that he could definitely use the money; as once Kaye takes off he’ll be left worse than broke. When he drives out to apply for the job he notices the many things in disrepair that might just solidify him getting the job. Once he arrives, he talks to the back of the new owner, whose name is Sheryl. Once she turns to speak to him face to face, Eric is almost struck dumb by her beauty. He feels she must be the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Eric finds himself feeling things he hasn’t felt in years & quite frankly for a man whose already married yet about to be divorced, that’s rather disturbing. Sheryl & Eric share a nice evening drink of tea while they discuss the job description & details. Sheryl explains to Eric that she has no idea what is needed as she’s from the city, however assures him he has the job. The instant attraction isn’t one sided but is there an agenda on Sheryl’s end? Does she have more planned than is honorable? Will Eric succumb to her wiles or is there something more? Get a copy today to see how this turns out as you may be surprised?? Looking forward to seeing more stories from Ronald

This book is really addicting. I’ve been reading it nonstop and I sooo loved it! If you’ve not read the book, what is stopping you? I have not enjoyed myself as I have with this book in a long time. Fantastic read and absolutely amazing!

J Carole
So I’ve been putting off writing this review. I find it really hard to write about something I have no interest in. This love story takes place on a farm and I’ve always been a city girl at heart. I’m sure if I was interested in livestock this book would have been engaging and enjoyable. The character development was very strong and it was very well written but I fell asleep trying to get through all the horse chatter. So if you’re a farm kinda gal (or guy) and love horses I’m sure you will love this book. Just be warned, I found that there’s a weird sexual tension between a younger man and an older woman. Not that I’m knocking gerontophilia but it’s not really my cup of tea.