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Superstardom can be yours

Ronald D. Walker

Superstardom can be yours with more effort and frustration than most are willing to do and overcome. You don’t have to be Picasso or Rembrandt to create something special. The fun of writing, the joy of creating, is the key and high above anything else to do with the art form. First you must enjoy creating, passionately. Your passion will be exhibited in your work and it must be the motivating force behind your desire to write. Do all authors receive acclaim and rewards for creating perfection? Will being a published author make you famous? Will you write and publish a book which will sell without effort? Will you become a bestselling author by writing a super great story? The answers will range from probably not to Hell no. Consider the motivation and politics behind all of those aspects and do your own thing and go your own way without caring about things that are out of your control. Write. Write. Write. Nobody knows where it may take you.

Superstardom can be yours if you simply start and learn all that will be needed. Writing the first draft can be magical and rewarding. Your effort may seem to be a manuscript you will always be able to have great pride in because you will have an accomplishment, as it first stands. Initially, I hoped to have that be true. It was for about two weeks. That was how long I labored to finish reading and making corrections, the first time. The second experience was more concentrated and brutal. The third was a case of what I could do to make it more easily understood for anyone who will read my published work. The fourth was being honest in assessing what value each word had. The fifth was a second attempt to organize the words in the best manner a person could read and understand them. The sixth was a conglomeration of necessary corrections, the full gambit. It was beyond brutal. The seventh was an exercise in cleaning the muddled text and doing a complete rewrite. I totally neglected having the enjoyment of doing the necessary labors.

Superstardom can be yours if you find free help. My first publication, I did everything I could completely out of order and hired an editor. Big mistake on my part. I did it without investigation of the abilities needed to have a collaboration of reworking the written text to improve it. She ruled the process and sent the first corrected text for my approval. It was disheartening. It had corrections for punctuation, spelling and it was rewritten to her subtle specifications. I agreed, thinking she was a professional and I was an unknowing, ill educated novice. She did make valid points, at times. I sent the manuscript back with what I accepted and attempted to explain why aspects were placed as they were and punctuation was needed to tell the story. The experience was not a joy. The payment was done before she would begin, so when she was finished I had no way to have my thoughts and desires considered and she went off on a motorcycle excursion with her husband.

Superstardom can be yours if you learn from others mistakes. I went back to the original manuscript and took her advice about some parts to rewrite and correct and used punctuation where it was needed to have the characters speech succinctly readable as I deemed it to be needed in every case. I took my work back at a very expensive price for the editing of a digital book, continued writing and divided the finished eBook into three parts to help the reader with a smaller download on their reading device as Buzzard Shields South: Buzzard Shields America: and Buzzard Shields North:

Superstardom can be yours if you allow time to have what you want instead of what someone else believes will be a better reading experience. My experience led me to conclude that an easier and less expensive method must be available. You tube has such a huge amount of information. Where to start will take a huge amount of planning.

Superstardom can be yours when you commit and pull back your ears and continue making progress as well as you can. An intelligent and compassionate person will read your book and appreciate the value of the experience, without rancor. That will not always be the case. You will have reviews rated 5 and 4 and 3 and 2 and even 1. A intelligent and considerate person would not read a book considered to be rated at less than 4. A caring person would not review a book knowing the star rating will be less than 4. A caring person will find you on social media or simply online to give advice you might solicit. Appreciate the effort and consider wisely, perhaps with another person helping and advising.