The process of procrastination

Ronald D. Walker

The process of procrastination gives pause to questions of every kind and, at certain times, cause wondering whether writing is easier for other authors.
It may be easy to believe that others write without worry, without paralyzing doubts, without agonizing about failing, without stress, without understanding why the distant small voice whispers to warn us to wait.
The ugly truth about the process of procrastinating is everyone has doubts, until they have success or simply stop trying. The doubts are never completely mastered because the next manuscript is only a figment of our imagination. Without strong action and determination, the process of procrastination rules. I often wonder why negative aspects are our first reactions. I am at the point in my life of screaming that it is due to all of those people who voiced their opinion of what we should do to preserve our safety and we faltered by giving credence to their warnings of failure. Nobody is a failure if they continue believing and working toward succeeding. I have proof that writing and publishing is possible, here on this website. Thirty published eBooks is proof.
We cannot see into the future and we only see the end result of the work of other people, not how our own success may be achieved. Why? Because they labored to reach the goal of having a finished manuscript and a published literary work. They defied the process of procrastination.
Due to the process of procrastination, we fail to understand their resistance, their despair, their endless revisions of the work they finally produced and published.
The process of procrastination may have you feeling like you are a world class procrastinator and you are not deserving. You are not alone and it is not true. We feel we are not deserving until others see the completion of our labor, our published work.
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