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Unusual reality of writing

Ronald D. Walker

Unusual reality of writing brings the thought of the beginning to be truly all that is important. When that is initially accomplished your literary life begins. A birth happens every time you write the first sentence of your next story. Gestation may be a lengthy period and labor is one of the key words. Gestation is defined as the time between conception and birth. That applies to writing, as we all eventually learn. An idea was conceptualized somewhere in the convulsions of our grey matter functions and a birth followed.

Unusual reality of writing gives the text creator every form of birth imaginable.
https://www.smashwords.com/extreader/read/698776/6/jon-bartleaux is the title of my third book. It begins with:
The constant continuation of life. It brings such a wonderfully miraculous event and joy filled occasion. My emergence into this world was not such a celebrated event.
The usual shock against a newborn body from temperature change and subsequent voluntary gulping of oxygen to fill infantile lungs did not happen. I did not scream a protest or flail my limbs. I remained limp; without body functions.
I was not considered to be among the living.

Unusual reality of writing has no limit dictated to the author.
Birth will come as a life long endeavor when you decide you have a story that will have value to readers. Someone will seek out your book and make a determination within a few seconds whether to move to another choice or continue reading. The first sentence is the life blood of your story in that moment for that reader. The finished manuscript must have a first sentence. It should be a first sentence that draws the potential reader to want to continue reading, but your desire to write should not depend on writing the story.

Unusual reality of writing allows the author to begin and see how the story grows and how it builds. The birth of your work does not need that superlative first sentence for the story to begin. The knowledge of the contents of the story may give you inspiration for the birth of the first sentence and what the cover of the book should be. It should give a hint or hints of what the reader will find when the choice is made to move to find another choice or continue reading and buy the book. The process is completely sterile at that point. The reader does not know the story or the author. The author has no information about the reader. Unless the reader chooses to share an identity the reader will never be known. That is another birth process to be discovered.

Unusual reality of writing allows use of all the tools for every phase of your author experience. Magically placed at your fingertips and people who have only the purpose of liberating your dollars from your possession are at each turn you will possibly make. Learn from authors who have safely navigated the crossing of those mine fields. That information will be freely given. Keep your own council because nobody can see and understand what you will eventually accomplish. Begin. Otherwise anything you could write today will be lost forever. You cannot go back so go forward. Begin. Amaze yourself by beginning today. Enjoy as you do.