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Who came before us

Ronald D. Walker

Who came before us were also writers of fiction. Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result will never have success and borders on insanity. To have success in writing fiction, adaption should be foremost in how the story should be organized with change implemented, no matter how subtle or how dramatic. Standard romance of today seems to be the contradiction or should it be termed to be deception. Changes being of the characters names, the names of the places, the dates and of the times of day or night. It is a story published before and reworked to have a sale of the work of a well known author. It is done with previously published stories of fiction reworked over and over. The names of the characters have been changed to protect the guilty.

Who came before us who wrote fiction had standards enforced by judgements of their editors and publishers. The editor and publisher were often the same.
The three part eBook with the titles of Rodeo Radiance:
Rodeo Reunion:
Rodeo Reimaged: is a story divided into three parts to ease the anxiety of readers using small reading devises. It is a single physical book with nine-hundred and seventy pages.

Who came before us who wrote fiction were a small group. They celebrated the publication and reviews of each new book. Their fiction writing was subjected to stand the scrutiny by the group members. Often the group members were the first to read and review the new publication. Those reviews were often used by the major news outlets in print along with the critique of the journalist of the circulated daily news. I strive to make my stories uniquely different, while the millions of books published give the chance of it being uniquely different is far less than I previously hoped.

Who came before us who wrote fiction were not held to standards as writers of fiction are today.
We should still have the freedom those fiction writers had. Page numbers and word count should not be a major goal. Make our fiction book more than simply adequately done to meet the dictated standard.
Buzzard Shields South: https: with a word count of 123,060
Morticius Alajandro Shields was known as Buzzard during much of his life, in honor of a man he greatly respected. Capable beyond his years, he leads men into the service of the Army doing construction in Texas and survey work in the southwestern region of America. Compelled to visit his sister and nephew in Alaska, he discovered gold and invests in aircraft development in America. Saving a bear cub from death, he becomes her guardian and protector, while forging a secluded life in the wilderness of Alaska.

Who came before us and wrote fiction were strong individuals. Their legacy is one of freedom to create and write fiction as we desire.
My work exhibits that freedom in the rollicking fictional accounting of the life and times of Buzzard Shields in Buzzard Shields America: It is comprised with 112,040 words in the text.
Teamed with his nephew and three other men, Buzzard Shields prospects for and mines gold in wilderness areas of Alaska. He befriends the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion and returns to Arizona, where he found an injured man in a isolated location and went for medical help, for the needed assistance to save the man.

Who came before us and wrote fiction were not held to continually writing in a certain manner or as they might be expected. Some left their home to experience different cultures and meet writers who lived in the country the author visited. Often several years passed before their newly published work was offered for purchase. Publications of fiction books done today are read and the reader immediately wants the next writing of fiction to be done. My work has remained in almost total obscurity as I have done little other than write fiction for more than thirty years. My list has thirty titles of works of fiction in digital form published on Smashwords and Amazon.

Who came before us often suffered in attempting to have success writing fiction. The poem titled The Raven garnered only nine dollars for Edgar Allan Poe. His wife died a short time after the newspaper published the poem. The accounting of the life of Buzzard Shields continues when he left Arizona to purchase a bankrupt ship building facility on the San Joaquin River in California before joining his nephew in prospecting for and mining gold in Eastern Alaska. They stayed in Alaska during the worst years of the Great Depression. Mining millions of dollars of gold with the group of men who find gold nuggets in the stream beds and in the bends of the faster water. The largest discoveries are solid veins in thick layers under the surface of the flat ground along the banks of the wide streams.

Who came before us sacrificed to write fiction. Only a select few fiction authors were allowed literary freedom and success. Publishing companies discriminated in the practice of limited selection. Buzzard continued caring for and living with the orphaned bear cub and reinforced his determination to protect her until she is able to live in her choice of location. He built a house in the wilderness of eastern Alaska and continued mining gold in a remote valley away from the house. After the crew grew weary of the constant rigors of gold mining, two of the men visit California, while Buzzard befriends the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion and flew with him to the states. He took a train back to Arizona, where he gave instructions to native Americans in the process of bringing water from the mountains to the arid land of the reservation.

Who came before us labored in the roll designated as fiction authors with a small percentage having financial success. Many made choices to not continue. Ernest Hemingway committed suicide when he was past the age of 61 and nearing 62 years. The initial report was he accidently shot himself while cleaning a shotgun. It was later recanted to tell of his suicide. He left a fortune of as a net worth of $1.4 million at the time of his death. Continuing with the third installment titled Buzzard Shields North: with a total of 92,120
A.M. Shields did not plan to have all he eventually held or realize the effects of having more and more and more. What benefit does having more bring or take? The tale about his life is compelling and uplifting, sad and happy. How much would be enough for all of us? When is enough actually enough? How much does one person need to be happy? Isn’t happy being able to enjoying the life you have? If you had what you need, but knew the end of the rainbow was just a few steps away would you have enough or would you consider what might be? What would you do? Would you enjoy your happiness or strive for more to have more happiness? Is It true that you do not know what you have, until you have more to compare? A.M. Shields did not plan to have the riches he eventually held or realize the effects of having more and more and more. What benefit does having more bring or take away?

Who came before us were often accused of  plagiarizing the unpublished work of another author. The tale about the life of Buzzard Shields is compelling and uplifting; sad and happy. How much in terms of riches would be enough for all of us? Buzzard Shields American answers those questions and brings more to be considered. Total word count of the three parts is approximately 327, 220. It does has a HEA.
Even as an eBook it may not be desirable for some readers. Should that be the case, they will miss an extraordinary accounting of a mans early life.
The story you write may be similar to a previous book, but it will have your unique brand and style. Write with abandon doing the first work, then work on the work; to your satisfaction. Use ARC readers to polish the final manuscript and contact me for a trick or two. You will have a polished manuscript and save cash to invest in marketing your work of fiction. Those actions and other hidden means are available for you to use to have your HEA.