Fiction builds your story

Ronald D. Walker

Fiction builds your story in your own voice and style. Identify what isn’t you and you will get closer and closer to what is, as time goes by and you learn better ways to form words and sentences that build and clarify your story. I have written many times that you can only tell a story you have a strong desire to read. Write the story and find people who have a strong desire to read and enjoy your labor.

Fiction builds your story and allows you to ignore the negative comments as being foolish. A person who is caring and wants to help will make a personal contact to give constructive advice. Build a following and an audience. They will introduce your writing to others and that process will continue, if you continue writing and keep your readers informed about your progress and experiences and what you have to offer.

Fiction builds your story. I prominently add my website link at the beginning of each book and at the end. When you post a link at the end of your book and ask to have a review done, also post a link to your website and give the address to a special email for readers to contact you. Tell your readers you will answer their message in your news letter, if it is not personal. Other people reading your newsletter may gain from reading your responses.

Personal messages should be done individually. Either you or a Personal Assistant will need to do the response or you may lose a valued reader or more than one. Yes, the day may come when you will have more to do than is possible and a PA will be the answer. You will not care what the expense is when you see your book sales for the year and consider why you need a PA. Have confidence in your fiction writing as fiction builds your story.

Nobody can teach you how to write, they can only tell you how writing should be done, in their vaulted opinion. In every form fiction builds your story. Trust your feelings about writing your on fictional story.

As a grand example of allowing the phrase of fiction builds your story, Herman Melville was an American author, whose work includes Moby Dick. You may know it is acclaimed to be one of the greatest works of literature ever written. None of his writings were well received during his lifetime. Moby Dick has 135 chapters comprising 452 pages. Some chapters did not require more than a single page and most are less than 10 pages. The construction is unexpectable by modern standards.
Call me Ishmael.
Those three words make the entire first sentence. It does little to lead previewers to continue reading and the following sentences do little to elicit curiosity, excitement or amusement. What was considered as unacceptable in 1851 was later said to be purposeful ambiguity. The novel’s ability to produce numerous interpretations is, perhaps, the main reason it is considered one of the greatest American novels.

Consider the authors plight. He wrote magazine articles to generate cash and in 1865, he returned to New York to work as a customs inspector—a job he had for 20 years. Moby Dick sold less than 600 copies in the UK, when it was originally published. The book was better regarded in America, selling more than 3,000 copies in Herman Melville’s lifetime.
Do not let anything sway you from writing as you desire. The only importance should be that you have the desire and knowing that fiction builds your story. You may become famous in the years to come and never know about it. If you are not already writing….START! Everything you do not put in texts is lost forever. START TODAY!!!