We hold the pen

Ronald D. Walker

We hold the pen. Many successful authors will tell how they feel each time they read a completed manuscript. Over and over this question comes to the forefront of their thoughts: Did I actually write this?
We all feel like we just held the pen and a force we had no control of did the work. The amazement becomes exhilaration when a reader praises the work we published. What a euphoric feeling to know people enjoyed reading the creation.

We hold the pen to allow the story to flow through our hands. Next you should prepare for the bullies. Yes, that happens in the literary world. Someone will take the opposite position of hundreds of people who rave about your book, as if they are the authority and all the others are in some way helping you. Put on whatever you need to shield yourself, but don’t get carried away. That person just did you a favor. Other people will purchase the book to see just who is wrong. A purchase for a less than good reason is as rewarding as one done for a good reason.

We hold the pen which will seem to be magical in a span of time. It seems that people have a terrible phobia about writing a simple thought that came during the time they read your work. At times I have seen people write: “I liked reading this book.” Nothing more was written. I wonder if they are fearful that the antagonists will attack them too or they will seem to be less privileged than the others who do a review. Fifteen words of praise for you from a reader is a license or permission for others to say that much and more.

We hold the pen for the magic to become infectious. It happens from time to time and extreme effort is required when the magic seems to wane and we are left to our own devises. Keep in mind that your writing is done on a personal level. When the words are published the business level begins. That is but one step toward having a multitude of people read your creation. That audience is real for you. Finding it is not as difficult as some believe. You have a whole world which is full of social media to have free advertisement to help have your work become known. Everyone will not like what you publish. I equate that to be taking out the garbage on both sides. You have only one person to satisfy in the beginning… YOURSELF!

We hold the pen to allow our writing to grow into what we desire to read. The only unknown is when will you begin. All you need to know about making the beginning of your creation is here for you to learn. Contact me to have help, if you have a pressing need at ronaldwalkerauthor.com . Every author wants to read another enjoyable story. Some are far too busy to lend a helping hand. They forget that someone helped them. You will never know how well the effort may be rewarded if you just hold the pen. Begin and enjoy.

We hold the pen or does it hold us in some magical manner. My writing experiences usually require labored writing with thought processes which are staggering. Not so writing the book titled Joshua https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/702241 as it was quickly done with only a few corrections during the process. I read and made changes until I was satisfied with what I created, used word editor and reworked the text. Advanced Reader Copies members helped before Google Docs was completed and a last self-editing performed. The task was originally magical, editing never is. Write without fear. Edit without mercy. Love it and hate it, both are necessary.