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What is your goal

Ronald D. Walker

What is your goal? Is writing what you want to do? Are you able to set a goal for the date you will finish writing?
Will you make the needed preparations to enable you to begin? Do you need inspiration and motivation? Find what you need any way you can.
If the initial problems were previously solved for you will you choose a title for your work and begin the journey, without delay that will allow doubts to continually creep in.

What is your goal? If you are able to write a text to fill five pages each day, a two hundred page manuscript can be finished in about six weeks and a few days, with a plus to add more days that may be needed.
Rewriting will require probably as many days. Self editing will be another exercise of equal time. Possibly five months, if you are willing to commit and stay the course.

What is your goal? Mine was to write Jewella Crossing:, with a word count of 73,660. I believe the elapsed time was almost four months. I was stoked.
A precursor titled Joshua:, with a word count of 95,010 is an embellishment of the story with another beginning. It was the easiest work of fiction I have done, which was less than five weeks. I was completely motivated and it seemed to flow with little anxiety or concern. It was a story I always wanted to read and it grew and grew. The following sequel titled Joshua’s Way: has a word count of 72,700. The three parts have a total word count of 241,200 in Joshua, Joshua’s Way and Jewella Crossing.

What is your goal? When you are focused and motivated you can do wonderful things that will have you amazed when you type The End or continued in what may follow. Then the part you may not have a strong desire to do begins. First, before editing and correcting, I read the story in a relaxed manner. I take the part of an unknown but interested reader. Therein lies your future problem– finding your dream 100 readers. I have advice that may help you in that endeavor which should be somewhat inexpensive. Your writing experience will be as you mat desire it to be. Enjoy your time and let the work flow. Keep a great attitude and remember your goal. Be your best or your worst or whatever you choose to be that comes between.