What to do first

Ronald D. Walker

What to do first. Formatting is the process of designating the paragraphs, tabs and all the other settings to make your manuscript fit the page and be done as correctly as the publisher requires. It is simple to do, especially if you have someone who has a templet or standard you can use. Talk to me about having help. Once that has been accomplished it is your time to shine or merely glow as the case may be. Forget all your troubles and put on your happy face or your game face if that is required.

What to do first is to make the first attempt solid gold, whatever the genre may be. Starting is the key. Everything will not be as you want it to be during the first go round. Have fun and keep in mind that it will be cleaned up and changed many times during your editing projects. There will be many. Often, time away will give a new perspective and possible a fresh approach.

What to do first might be to have faith spring eternal when it is allowed. An airplane or horseback ride may allow you to relax and view each sentence to discover what may not have been seen before. Then I have other tricks I use to check for continuity, clarity, spelling (google search is my go to guide) and sentence structure. Saying something by using the manner we grew to know in our home lives may be great or the sentence might be reversed or restructured to have more clarity. At the close of the day the person who should be satisfied is the author.

What to do first. Romance, historical romance and romance stories in all forms are desired by certain publications. Digital books are preferred by some readers, while physical books have always been highly sought after. Digital books are not expensive to publish or purchase. Physical books are growing in their retail pricing.

What to do first. Copyrighting from the Library of Congress, the original set up charge of the printing company, required transcript, front and back cover costs, cost of design on the spline, ISBN purchase and incidental charges make physical books expensive to have ready for shipment and equals a small profit. In a general sense, everything is relative. There is no absolute right or wrong in writing your story. Start. www.davidmccran.com is a contact and collaborator in improving search engine optimization.