Where will you be

Ronald D. Walker

Where will you be in the future? Where will your writing take you? Completely limitless expectations if you allow yourself the freedom to enjoy each minute of every time you write. Do you feel you must outline, consider, write, embellish, stay within certain parameters you set, choke the life out of what might have been a wonderful story. Do you feel you must write in a certain manner due to some instructions you received? I sit and start writing when I have an idea of what the story will be. I have no outline and no plan more than a general idea of what the story will give a reader when it is finished. All of my works are built by imagination. Not fantasy, no visualization of the different parts or aspects of the manuscript.

Where will you be to be able to see what you need to use to build the story and allow the reader to see it in your work. Take them with you on the journey. Even by daring to be daring. It is your work. It can go anywhere you want it to go. Where will your imagination take you? Dare to be different and write what you want to enjoy reading. You will never please everyone and you will have criticisms that are beyond cruel, usually by people who have never written a book. During my college days a favorite saying on campus was, Those that can, do. Those that cannot, teach. You are one who can, so do.

Where will you be with the publication of your next work. What limits do you impose on your writing experience. Do you enjoy reading dialogue? Do you have the ability to tell an eighty thousand word story built on the use of dialogue? Rafe Coleman Federal Marshal has a total of one hundred and fifty-seven thousand, two hundred and seventy words. It is dialogue to the tune of nearing ninety percent. I was warned it could fail and nobody will want to read it. Readers love dialogue perhaps because words of a conversation are better understood than descriptive writing. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1126804 is the link to Rafe Coleman Federal Marshal that I published on Smaswords.com on Friday January 14th in the year of 2022. The first book I published this year. An interest in Lovers Lies and Lilies multiplied sales and reviews since it posted on Goodreads : https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22420695-lovers-lies-and-lilies-part-one.

I have a plan to dive into two sales programs and do what I have never done, using advertising by ranking my website make my thirty eBooks known to the readers who are looking for new and interesting stories. Where will it take me? I do not know. I can only hope. Where will I be this time next year if I do nothing? The same place I am now. That is the genesis of book producing, publishing and marketing. All are doable, I have been assured by those who found some semblance of success. Where will your experiences take you? That is the wonderful part of literary efforts. You have the ability not to go where you want, but where your talent will take you.